Blogging Away Debt


Blogging Away Debt is run by a woman in San Diego, who took over the blog after the founder managed to pay off all of her debt. The current blogger focuses on a wide range of topics, from how to make extra money to how to find the best credit card rates.

Dang it!!!
by Ashley over 3 years ago
Thanksgiving Leftovers
by Ashley over 3 years ago



This 40-year-old is interested in the many ways that money-conscious people try to focus on frugality. Graduating from law school gives his posts a strong and steady tone.

Friday Flip – Sage 50 Pro Accounting
by Andy Hough about 2 years ago
How I Prepared and Filed My Federal and State Taxes for Free
by Andy Hough about 2 years ago

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff


Follow the life of a financially savvy, money-saving Texan woman. She offers her unique personal advice and insights for making money while blogging, saving for retirement and emergencies, and meeting financial goals.

My Chiropractor Gave Me BLOGGING Homework!
by Crystal @ BFS about 2 years ago
Cheap, Easy, and Yummy Vegetable Soup
by Crystal @ BFS about 2 years ago

Frugal Dad


Frugal Dad is making "frugal" cool again, for fathers who want to stick to a budget and become more wealthy. Articles cover dealing with debt, mortgages, and increasing monthly savings.

Report Predicts STEMM Jobs Growth Will Outpace STEMM Graduates
by Trent (Frugal Scholar) over 2 years ago
Enrollment Shortfalls Breed Competition For College Students
by Trent (Frugal Scholar) over 2 years ago

Personal Finance Advice


This site is open to contributions from regular people who want to share personal finance tips. It's got helpful advice on everything from budgeting, to holiday spending, to what to do when money gets in the way of relationships. Topics are organized by category.

Bargain Babe


Featured on Good Morning America, ABC News, NPR and Better Homes and Garden, Bargain Babe does her homework in producing articles, links to coupons and advice on buying organically. Each tip Bargain Babe provides is practical, personal and useful.

Wednesday Freebies – Free Hardcover Photo Book
by Dacia Daly almost 3 years ago
Adidas Men’s 3 Stripe Pant As Low As $11.43!
by This post may contain affiliate links almost 3 years ago

Saving Advice


The art of saving a dollar is a tricky proposition -- for those who haven't checked out this page. The writers can help you conserve dough even while you're showering.

Are Banks Open on Sunday?
by Jeffrey Strain almost 4 years ago
JUMPR will Jump Start Your Car Even if Nobody is Around
by Jeffrey Strain almost 4 years ago

GRACEful Retirement


This blogger has unfortunately started her retirement push late in life. That hasn't deterred the 62 year old from bringing about financial success.



This blog reminds readers that the best money-managing tip is to find the best deal. Learn how to spot excellent bargains with this blog's low-price eye.

Being Frugal


This Christian blogger has a firm belief that erasing debt is a real possibility. She uses this blog to help her keep financially accountable to herself.

Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat Review and Giveaway
by Pinyo almost 4 years ago
Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat Review and Giveaway
by Pinyo almost 4 years ago

Live Well Simply


Live Well Simply is a blog by Josh and Mimi a husband/wife team. We post once or twice a week, mostly about frugal living, simplicity, anti-consumerism and the like.

Amazon Prime Day – More Deals than Black Friday
by Josh Champagne almost 3 years ago
Roof Repair vs Replacement
by Josh Champagne almost 3 years ago

Use My Benefits


The official blog of usemybenefits.com. Use my benefit is a aggregation service that allows users to discover the hidden value, rewards and perks of their loyalty programs. Save money based on your needs!

Earning My Two Cents


How to live better with less! Save money, earn online, coupon, and live life to the fullest. Check out my Baton Rouge frugal living blog! Let's mystery shop, make some money online, get out of debt, coupon to our heart's content, and get some frugal fashion finds. Join me as I live a better, frugal life.