Run Fast. Run Vegan.


Are you a vegan athlete? Are you an athlete that wants to become vegan? Check out Run Fast. Run Vegan for advice from a vegan long-distance competitive runner.

All Systems Stop
by kipwinger almost 4 years ago
Needs and Necessity
by kipwinger almost 4 years ago

Joie de Jenn


A natural foods blog, featuring Jenn's favorite vegan products along with the occasional plant-based, epicurean experiment.

Roots and Leaves


Stumbling into mostly vegan, nutritarian eating and experiments with cooking, baking, juicing, living, I hope my fairly liberal application of nose-to-tail cooking and living (um, and I mean that in the most vegetarian way possible) makes you laugh and even inspires you.

Sinfully Nutritious


Vegan food blog of an Italian Holistic Nutrition Coach. Lots of great everyday recipe foods and nutritional information to go with them. Vegan fare that is family friendly. Practical meals that anyone can make. Life and food should be enjoyable and cruelty free.

Eat Food. As Much As You Like. All Plants.


I share my story about my transformation from a career gourmet cheese and wine buyer to going vegan, losing 70 pounds, and reversing type 2 diabetes/high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. I share a lot of recipes becuase I LOVE TO COOK!

He gave her sriracha and a banana. You won't believe what happened next!
by benjamin orphan about 3 years ago
sriracha updates from the field
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One person's journey of turning away from disease and cruelty towards health and compassion.

House of Healthy


The house of Healthy is a plant-powered vegan blog, that also incorporates fitness, yoga, and overall healthy, green living to help you fuel your life.

Will Yum


A Vegan information and recipe blog.

Almost Skinny Vegan Food


Sharing yummy, healthy, easy, plant based vegan food! This food lover is fuelled by a unrefined plant-based diet. I'm a high raw herbivore striving for nutritional excellence through a nutritarian lifestyle.



Holistic Health Coach/Soon to be Registered Dietitian posting health tips, articles, photos, and recipes. Redefining the term Skinny one post at a time. Please contact me at Tara@SkinnybyTara.com or on this page with all questions, comments, or requests.

Best nutrition adviser during autumn


Recipe and tips to maintain your nutrition dirt and immune your system for fighting form and stay active during winters.

a bit more veg


This food blog is about including more vegetables into my daily diet. So although I'm not vegetarian all the recipes here are. The focus is on simple healthy dishes with everyday ingredients.

Gillian Mckeith helping people to shed off weight and look charming


Looking at the obesity issue, people are seen to move towards ways to reduce weight as it has become a universal issue. There are uncountable people who are facilitating people in losing their gained weight. Gillian McKeith is one such professional who does not only help people to shed off weight but also facilitates them to have charming personality.