Chocolate & Zucchini


This blog is written by Clotilde Dusoulier, a young woman from Paris. She has a passion for everything to do with cooking, and has many recipes of the great foods she shares with friends and family. She also likes to share her dining experiences and her advice on the must-have tools of the kitchen.

Oven-Baked Falafel Recipe
by clotilde over 4 years ago
70 Things To Do With Fresh Spinach
by clotilde over 4 years ago

That Vegan Girl


This is a holistic blog that covers everything about the vegan lifestyle--including philosophical musings on animal cruelty to cupcake recipes!

Lifestyles of the Chic and Vegan


This blog, as the name suggests, focuses more on how to live a vegan lifestyle, and will be especially appealing to women. Sample posts include advice on how to eat a vegan diet while travelling in Europe and how to cook with wheat gluten. Every post is easy to follow and includes plenty of useful pictures.

The Sisters Vegan


This blog is fun and quirky, it'll make you smile while giving you some great tips and insights into the vegan lifestyle!

Walking the Vegan Line


What more needs to be said than: a vegan surviving in Houston, Texas. This blog is a humorous look into the life and times of a vegan in uncharted territory.

Vegan Hope


This not your typical vegan blog. It focuses on the health benefits that can be gained from an animal-free diet, with lots of tips and advice included!

Sustain with Compassion


This is a blog about the philosophical merits of veganism and pursuing a cruelty-free diet. It makes a good argument for why veganism is important and how you can integrate vegan practices in your life.

Cook. Vegan. Lover


Managing to combine recipes and product reviews with a little personal twist Cook Vegan Lover has tips and advice for making the vegan lifestyle practical and fun!

Currently 8.4.14
by Lindsay Ingalls (Running With Tongs) almost 4 years ago
It’s A Boy!
by Lindsay Ingalls (Running With Tongs) almost 4 years ago

Vegan Backpacker


How do you maintain a strict vegan diet while you travel? Vegan backpacker will answer that question with insightful tips and advice for the jet setting vegan!

The Solution for a Better World


Vegan Politics is a go-to blog for a vegan perspective on the political happenings of the day!

The Vegan Snorkeler


Are you a vegan interested in traveling but not sure how to do it?

Italian Cooking School


A former lawyer quits his job to go to culinary school and documents his journey. It chronicles the ups and downs of going through a career change and making big life decisions.

Fannetastic Food


A registered dietitian and culinary student blog that covers healthy eating, food, weight loss and moderation. She explores really healthy delicious exercise combined with balance and exercise.

Tips for a Healthy New Year
by Anne over 3 years ago
Hangover Busting Smoothie Recipe
by Anne over 3 years ago

I Cook Like A Girl


I cook like a girl pokes fun at the domestic lifestyle, however this culinary student happens to love food. Her blog is full of great recipes, kitchen shortcuts and gadget reviews.

Hug a Tree with Me


A Eco-friendly blog dedicated on spreading Eco awareness

Jonny O Goes Vegan


Jonny O, The Big Sexy, takes a journey from life-long carnivore to plant strong vegan. His honest and funny posts urge you to join him to "Beat Meat And Get A Heart On."

No Worries - I'm Still Plant-Strong!
over 4 years ago

You Had Me at Tofu


Follow along as Heather embarks upon a journey to veganism.

Vegan Flower


An eclectic mix of product reviews, daily life, pup stuff, and random musings.

Aprils Lifestyle Show


Easy cooking recipes and videos, gardening how to's, DIY projects in and around the house. Craft ideas, video tutorials, book reviews and household product reviews and giveaways.

Golden Reflections


Golden Reflections is authored by Heather G., a Christian wife, blogger, wanna-be photographer, cook, and Occupational Therapy Assistant. Golden Reflections is Heather's way to share all of her healthy recipes, OT Tips, photography and occasional giveaways.



My blog is primarily recipe based however I am putting in my thoughts about the vegan lifestyle along with books, movie, and restaurant reviews. The blog is a part of my website at: http://www.zestyvegan.com. I'm trying to build an online vegan community to share the vegan lifestyle.

Guide for building a chicken coop
by sgblogger sgblogger over 2 years ago
Choosing Washing Machines from Various Choices
by sgblogger sgblogger over 2 years ago