Hooked on Heat


This blog makes it clear that although Indian food may not be the simplest food to make, giving it a go is worth the effort.

B is for… Bhuna Chicken
by Meena about 4 years ago
Cheese, cheese, you wonderful cheese!
by Meena over 4 years ago

Indian Life


"Delicious, all natural Indian food recipes" are simpler to prepare than you might believe; let this blog site prove it to you.

Sailu's Kitchen


"Simple Indian cooking" is the focus of this site, made for those who want to do better with Indian food in their own kitchen.

Dahi Bhalla
by Sailu about 4 years ago
Methi Mathri
by Sailu about 4 years ago

A Mad Tea Party


This site is "mostly about food and cooking, but also featuring stories about the bread and the butterflies!"

Cafe Lota, at the National Crafts Museum
by Anita over 4 years ago
Much Food and Talk
by Anita over 4 years ago

Quick Indian Recipes


Yes, the keyword to this blog site is quick; we haven't yet prepared a dish from QIR, but we'd put our money on it being fast to make.

new talent
by Mallika over 3 years ago
Letting go
by Mallika over 3 years ago

Padma's Recipes


No -- this isn't the "Top Chef" Padma that we know and love. But the recipes from this here Padma will make you feel like competing on the show.

by Padma over 4 years ago
by Padma over 4 years ago

The Yum Blog


These two bloggers are self-proclaimed cooking "fanatics" who love to share their special times and tantalizing recipes with anyone visiting their site.

Thavalai Adai
by lathanarasimhan over 3 years ago
Thavalai Adai
by lathanarasimhan over 3 years ago



This site provides insights on Indian culture, travel, and health, while providing knowledge on Indian cuisine.

Indian as Apple Pie


A newscaster and journalist makes it clear that Indian food doesn't always have to be rough -- it can be as simple as the staple tart of Americana.

Indian Food Recipes


This site is no muss, no fuss -- only focusing on what matters: the food.

Indian Foods Guide


"A comprehensive guide to the best food on the planet" will convert those who thought they loathed Indian food.