Famous Fat Dave


This here and now cabbie blogger admits there is probably not a job around that involves food he has not done. From selling sidewalk pickles, to vending hot dogs, to being a cheese monger and to top is off he freelances as a food writer!

The Food Geek


Brian's blog has all the things that he considers important such as pictures, recipe articles, pod-casts, links and more. If you visit often is seem to grow daily and everything he does seems to be touched with his own brand of humor.

Toffee Troubles
by Brian Geiger over 4 years ago



This blogger is a master at scripting funny articles and spouting out her special kind of humor that will keep you smiling and chuckling as your learning how to create inexpensive, uncomplicated and delicious dishes that just might impress your family, your friends and yourself.

Kitchen Scoop


Beverly Mills and Alicia Ross create dishes in the kitchen that don’t just satisfy your taste buds but also your budget. Take a peak at how two busy moms juggle life while managing to create delicious, healthy and affordable meals.

La Tartine Gourmande


Many a prestigious news publication has praised this site for its easy, sunny vibe. The pictures themselves here are almost good enough to eat.

October 2014: A lifestyle and Cooking Workshop in Sicily
by Béa over 4 years ago
Trying hard
by Béa over 4 years ago

Mooshu Jenne


Most of the recipes here on the site come from my ever growing recipe book or from family and friends recipe boxes. Some of the recipes here at Mooshu Jenne has been passed down for generations. Those included would be the Czech, French, and Italian recipes. Most of the recipes posted here include whole food ingredients and only occasionally a few items will come from cans or prepared foods. Buying from farmer’s markets and other local sources is something we suggest. We love all natural organic foods.

Honey Blueberry Persimmon Oatmeal
by Jenne over 2 years ago
Mini Croque Monsieur
by Jenne over 2 years ago

Still Served Warm


A couple of foodies that ravishes the food the second it’s within our grasp... and, to preserve those memories, writes about them while they are still warm on our palates and plates.

Dining at Le Marais. ‘Le Petit Marché’, Paris
by Alec over 4 years ago
Vegan Carob Persimmon Cups
by Ambra over 4 years ago

AdLib Recipe


AdLibRecipe.com is all about recipes, when they go perfectly, and when it's time to wing it. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, drinks, we have it all. Original content, recipes, photos, and much more. Friend us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. Subscribe via RSS or email. We are here to please your tastebuds!

Foodie from the Metro


"Foodie from the Metro" is a collection of Aileen's gastronomical adventures and restaurant reviews as she continually discovers food and cuisines, one bite at a time.

Mercato Centrale | Newest & 10th Food Market: "Carnivale" in Venice Piazza
by Aileen Adalid over 4 years ago
Where to Eat? | Top 10 Chiang Mai Street Food Dishes
by Aileen Adalid over 4 years ago

Hefty Foodie


Hefty Foodie: Random Food Trips with Close Friends. A food blog of a foodie at heart. The aim is to encapsulate his dining experiences, food trips, food reviews, and adventures.

Have Some!


MANILA, Philippines -- I try to put up a food blog but I can't help post about other inspirations and activities. I continue to live on the blog's motto which is "good things are meant to be shared" so Have Some! -Sam

Taal Trek Experience
by noreply@blogger.com (Sam Reyes) about 3 years ago
Tagaytay Roadtrip
by noreply@blogger.com (Sam Reyes) about 3 years ago

The Sunshine Food


My chronicle and encounter with different kinds of food from one place to another.

All About Italian Food


Italian food culture, authentic Italian recipes directly from an Italian kitchen, tips, curiosities, photos and fun.



All new blog on foodies and drinkzos which will not only entertain you but also en-light you about the world and it's elixir of life.......:)

by Ashwin Devarajan over 4 years ago
Amer Mousseux: you would love it or just hate it.
by Ashwin Devarajan over 4 years ago

The Chocolate Dictionary


An original and fascinating compilation of definitions covering all aspects of chocolate and the way it affects our lives.