Evil Shenanigans


Not the typical name for a culinary student blog, but Evil Shenanigans is an online diary of the bloggers adventures in culinary school.

Mac and Cheese Stuffed Meatballs
by Kelly almost 3 years ago
Cheesy Roasted Baby Potatoes
by Kelly almost 3 years ago

The (ex) Expatriates Kitchen


Beth is equal parts culinary student and activist. She blogs about food issues like organics, local produce and processed foods as well as makes delicious food. She's an author, journalist, mom and culinary student - her blog is full of great information.

10 Years, 10 Best: Spring Salads and Sides
by noreply@blogger.com (Beth Bader) about 3 years ago
How do you like your apples?
by noreply@blogger.com (Beth Bader) over 3 years ago

My Kitchen/Studio


Hilary has wanted to cook since she was a small child and she uses her blog to document her experiments in the kitchen. Kitchen/Studio is full of gorgeous photos, inspiring recipes and full of humor.

Dresses & Appetizers


Brandon writes a blog that combines fashion, food and decor. She blogs about dresses, dinner parties and how to make really good food. A culinary student, she works hard and loves to talk about the work that she loves.

What Was Your 1st Meal of the New Year?
by brandon maya over 4 years ago
Truffles and Croutons Sitting in a Tree K.I.S.S…
by brandon maya over 4 years ago

Pictures and Pancakes


Former culinary students and food stylists write this blog and it highlights how making food look good is key. It reminds readers that people eat with their eyes, so it pays particular attention to style.

Sweet Amandine


Sweet Amandine focuses on all sorts of food - but it specializes in baked goods. If you are looking for a good birthday cake recipe, look no further.

Book tour, book clubs, yesss! (I can't wait.)
by Jess about 3 years ago
by Jess about 3 years ago

In Praise of Leftovers


In Praise of Leftovers is a blog that focuses on eating well on a budget. We love this blog because the author makes interesting meals out of what she can find in her fridge. A culinary graduate, her flavors are always unique and spot-on.

Curried Basmati Rice Salad
by Sarah MK about 4 years ago
Strawberry Shortcake Forever
by Sarah MK about 4 years ago

Good Food Matters


Good Food Matters makes the plea that eating good food matters. This blog highlights high quality ingredients and shuns processed foods. The author is a culinary school graduate and trained chef.

Shrimp-Sweet Pea-Rice Croquettes
by goodfoodmatters about 4 years ago
One-Hour Cheese! review, recipes, and a giveaway
by goodfoodmatters about 4 years ago

The Self-Taught Cook


Cooking blog featuring Puerto Rican, Southern, and slow cooker recipes. Book reviews for all genres are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, unless otherwise noted.

My Blog has Moved!
by Tammy Cuevas over 4 years ago

The Ease of Freeze - Freezer Cooking


This is a warm blog about freezer cooking. I don't force you to choose 30 days or swaps. You know your home so do what works for you! I also love to bake so you will see some baked goodies too.

Kayla Jaye


I cook and do other fun activities - in my blog I will show you some of my recipes and favorite things!

Green Eggs & Spam


Sharing traditional family recipes and original creations, Green Eggs & Spam offers readers an escape to food paradise.

Chrissy Cooks


Snapshots of my everyday adventures in cooking delicious meals for my family.

Moving On Up


I'm half Taiwanese and half German America. I've lived in 5 countries and enjoyed eating my way around the world. I share family recipes and new healthy ones on my blog weekly, along with crafts, book reviews, and more!

The Yum Yum Diaries


This blog finds, tries and rates recipes according to their outcomes. They have the chance to get 5 out of 5 Yum Yum's!

by Tara Leigh Lindow over 3 years ago
This weeks Menu
by Tara Leigh Lindow almost 4 years ago

Cocoa & Heart Chocolates


Blog about chocolate focusing on recipes, history and day to day running of small chocolate business - Cocoa & Heart.

Cocoa & Heart Bakery


Blog about baking focusing on bread baking, history, recipes and day to day running of small microbakery and baking courses.