Cookie Madness


Cookie Madness features reviews for cookbooks and products and has an array of recipes for cakes, candies, and of course cookies!

Marcy Goldman’s Shabbat Mandarin Marble Loaf
by Anna over 2 years ago
Nutiva Shortening Review
by Anna over 2 years ago

Courtney’s Sweets


Courtney’s Sweets shares recipes and products that she recommends and cannot live without.

Cream Puffs in Venice


was created to take readers on a culinary journey. The posts range from food categories of baking, holidays, sandwiches, and more.

A First Time for Everything!
by admin almost 3 years ago
Back to our Regularly Scheduled Programming …
by admin about 3 years ago

Eat Me Delicious


is a vegetarian based exploration of baked treats as well as other foods.

Half Baked, the cake blog


This blog will educate you on the latest trends and techniques in cake design, and how cakes fit into an overall event planning scheme. The advice here is definitely not half-baked.

Pumpkin Tiramisu Cake
by Tessa Huff over 2 years ago
It’s Officially Pie Season
by Jessica Kirkland over 2 years ago

I Heart Cuppy Cakes


Clara helps you learn her baking methods with step-by-step photos. You may want to try making her red velvet cream cheese cupcake bites. She began her blog as a way to keep track of recipes she found online. Now, she share her successes and failures on her blog, calling her experiences "the bad, the good and the ugly." Her banana bacon cupcake in honor of Elvis is definitely worthy of honorable mention.

Joe Pastry


offers baking techniques, and the history and science of baking. The blog has step-by-step photos of the baking process for many of the recipes.

What about egg wash?
by joepastry over 4 years ago
Hot Cross Bun Recipe
by joepastry over 4 years ago

Let Her Bake


This Canadian now living in England brings a unique and fresh perspective to the world of cake decoration. Her recipes always include a twist coming from her native land.

My Sweet Saucy


My Sweet Saucy is a shop that sells cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and mini desserts. The blog lists their latest creations.

Real Baking with Rose Levy Beranbaum


Real Baking with Rose Levy Beranbaum has an online baking community forum where bakers can share ideas, concerns, recipes, and much more.

It's Pie Time
over 2 years ago
My On-Line Chocolate Class on Craftsy is Now Live
over 2 years ago

Ryan’s Baking Blog


Ryan is a twenty-something baker who has only been blogging since 2009. Where have you been, Ryan? As a vegetarian baker, his recipes are an added bonus for those that are also, or have friends and family who love vegetarian treats. We find Ryan to be an honest and friendly blogger with just the right touch of wit and humor. Oh, and his pink grapefruit yogurt cupcakes are to die for.

The Cake Blog


Offers creative ideas for cake lovers from traditional to unconventional.

The Cake Journal


Imagine if you were to keep a diary in which you logged every instance of cake decoration you've had recently. Think of CakeJournal as just that, but souped up.

Today’s Fondant Friday
by Admin over 2 years ago
Shortbread Cookie Bar
by Admin over 2 years ago

Wild Yeast


If you love freshly baked buttery rolls or sweet cinnamon buns, then get those taste buds and eyeballs ready for a feast. Hosted by a professional baker, this site is designed to help aspiring bread makers succeed. You can't visit without craving fresh bread.

Marzipan Stollen
by Susan over 3 years ago
YeastSpotting 12.18.14
by Susan over 3 years ago

Let Them Eat Cake


Let Them Eat Cake was invented when the blogger found a renewed love for baking.

Peanut Butter and Jenny


Peanut Butter and Jenny is about the many ways to incorporate the blogger's love for peanut butter and other items into baking.

life sucks sometimes, and that’s okay
by Jenny about 4 years ago
My new boyfriend…
by Jenny about 4 years ago