It Ain't Meat, Babe


This blogs blends seamlessly fun stories and recipes--she's done a couple that pair movies with recipes. So if you're looking for a fun movie-themed vegan food night, this is the place!

Cook. Vegan. Lover


Managing to combine recipes and product reviews with a little personal twist Cook Vegan Lover has tips and advice for making the vegan lifestyle practical and fun!

Currently 8.4.14
by Lindsay Ingalls (Running With Tongs) almost 4 years ago
It’s A Boy!
by Lindsay Ingalls (Running With Tongs) almost 4 years ago

Eating Appalchia


A project by a recently graduated Environmental Studies and English major, this is an interesting blog that combines a study of the Appalachian landscape and food system with tips that the everyday vegan can use.

Korean Inspired Chickpea Noodle Soup
by Jes over 4 years ago
Becoming a Poet
by Jes over 4 years ago

Vegan Backpacker


How do you maintain a strict vegan diet while you travel? Vegan backpacker will answer that question with insightful tips and advice for the jet setting vegan!

The Solution for a Better World


Vegan Politics is a go-to blog for a vegan perspective on the political happenings of the day!

Vegan Crunk


Vegan Crunk is a sassy blog written by a young college student that will give you some southern-style inspiration--collard greens and cornbread among other yummy treats!

Babalu Gift Card Giveaway!
by noreply@blogger.com (Bianca) almost 4 years ago
Lammas Weekend!
by noreply@blogger.com (Bianca) almost 4 years ago

The Vegan Snorkeler


Are you a vegan interested in traveling but not sure how to do it?

Holy Cow! Vegan Recipes


Vaishali loves dogs, grew up in India and became a vegan food devotee because of her beliefs in animal rights. Along with blogging she enjoys cooking and creating new Indian food dishes as well vegan recipes from various other countries world wide.

Misal, the Ultimate Bombay Street Food
by Vaishali Honawar almost 4 years ago
Stir-Fried Black Bean Noodles in Orange Sauce
by Vaishali Honawar almost 4 years ago

Vegan Ricans


Want to spice up your meal? Check out Vegan Rican's recipes--they will put a little Caribbean sun into your food!

Run Fast. Run Vegan.


Are you a vegan athlete? Are you an athlete that wants to become vegan? Check out Run Fast. Run Vegan for advice from a vegan long-distance competitive runner.

All Systems Stop
by kipwinger almost 4 years ago
Needs and Necessity
by kipwinger almost 4 years ago

Vegan Homemade


Ever imagined a vegan tailgate? Well, Vegan Homemade did! The organization of this blog is great. She often does recipes by flavor. So if you're hankering after some lychee flavor, just search through the archives.

What I Ate Wednesday
by veganhomemade over 4 years ago
What I Ate Wednesday
by veganhomemade almost 5 years ago

Awesome. Vegan. Rad


You may just want to look at the pictures (because they are so pretty!) but take time to go through the recipes and advice on Awesome. Vegan. Rad. too because they're just as great!

My Broke Month.
by allularpunk almost 5 years ago

Vegan Salt


More than recipes, this blog has reviews of products, interesting tidbits on living vegan, discussion boards, and book reviews. There is a lot of information but the tone is quite inviting and makes you want to read more.

Little House of Veggies


Do Dijon and herbed baked tofu in pita pockets sound good for dinner? How about 'creamy pesto pasta? For recipes like this and others like it presented in a snazzy blog check out Little House of Veggies!

Hooked on Heat


This blog makes it clear that although Indian food may not be the simplest food to make, giving it a go is worth the effort.

B is for… Bhuna Chicken
by Meena over 4 years ago
Cheese, cheese, you wonderful cheese!
by Meena over 4 years ago

Indian Life


"Delicious, all natural Indian food recipes" are simpler to prepare than you might believe; let this blog site prove it to you.

Sailu's Kitchen


"Simple Indian cooking" is the focus of this site, made for those who want to do better with Indian food in their own kitchen.

Dahi Bhalla
by Sailu over 4 years ago
Methi Mathri
by Sailu over 4 years ago

A Mad Tea Party


This site is "mostly about food and cooking, but also featuring stories about the bread and the butterflies!"

Cafe Lota, at the National Crafts Museum
by Anita over 4 years ago
Much Food and Talk
by Anita over 4 years ago

Quick Indian Recipes


Yes, the keyword to this blog site is quick; we haven't yet prepared a dish from QIR, but we'd put our money on it being fast to make.

new talent
by Mallika over 3 years ago
Letting go
by Mallika over 3 years ago