This blog has been dedicated to "freshwater fishing in North America," yet its "interesting videos, great articles, how-to guides, and more" simply beg for application to scenarios the world over. This site places an enormous investment in ensuring that each and every article contains at least a tip or two that can be directly and immediately applied to various fishing experiences. Their regular "Best of the Best" features exemplify this emphasis on practicality.

Fresh Fish! AnglerWise Get’s A New Look
by AnglerWise over 2 years ago
Fishing and Safety
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Arizona Game and Fishing Blog


There's more to this Southwestern state then canyons and deserts; this blog lets you in on the great fish scene.

Guide Wayneo


As a fishing guide on the Salmon River and other Lake Ontario tributaries I wanted a place to share my experiences and knowledge. That was why I created www.guidewayneo.com. You will find everything from fishing stories to tips and tricks.

Fish Candy Bait Company


This is the official blog for Fish Candy Bait Company and it primarily focuses on Bass and Crappie fishing. I will be providing fishing reports from customers that use my bait along with tips and tricks from my staff or guest authors. Reviews on products I use while fishing and additional information on the bait I make will appear here. I have an interactive photo gallery that links the picture to the story it appeared in when you click a picture. My plan is to also educate people on things I see in, on or around the water while fishing through informative blog posts. My Tournament results from the Ray Hubbard Bass Club will also be found here. My blog can be easily read on your phone or tablet for your convenience by downloading my App in the Google Play store.

Grass Roots Fishing Blog


Online destination for anglers to learn about grass root companies that are developing and bringing cutting edge products to the fishing market.