Ultimate Fishing Site


"Plan your fishing vacation or just learn plain more about fishing" on this blog site that's especially novice-friendly.

Moldy Chum


This popular fishing blog site encourages its regular readers to "reel [in] pure thoughts," which can often happen with this site's tips.

Into The Void - Seatrouts in Rio Gallegos
by El Guapo about 4 years ago
The Beaten Path
by El Guapo about 4 years ago

A Fish Blog


"Marine biology and fishing history" intertwine into contemporary fishing tips and techniques to make this a worthwhile site.

One vessel allowed to fish bluefin tuna in Norway
by admin over 4 years ago
How to fillet cod
by admin over 4 years ago

Guy Harvey Sport Fishing Blog


Guy Harvey, a first-tier fisherman and vendor of excellent equipment, now pens his own helpful site.

Fishing Recreation


When you're a novice in the whole fishing thing, but are looking to become as serious as possible, asap, this is a site to read a lot on.

Fish Finder and Catch


A comprehensive fish finder review site. We not only review the leading fish finders on the market, we also feature informational articles.