Halibut Fisheries Issues


"A blog for the concerned sports fisherman" that caters to those wanting to land as much halibut as possible.

The Trout Zone


Going after trout has become of the more iconic American activities lately; learn how to participate with success in the hobby here.

Watching Bobbers
by David Knapp almost 2 years ago
Turning the Corner
by David Knapp about 2 years ago

Slimy Trout: A Fly Fishing Blog


"To become a good fly fisherman, you need to become intimately familiar with these cycles and environs," declares this site's knowledgeable blogger.

Fishing Recreation


When you're a novice in the whole fishing thing, but are looking to become as serious as possible, asap, this is a site to read a lot on.

Bass Pundit


If you're looking to specialize in the art of bass fishing -- which is not nearly as easy as most people believe -- this is a nice site to begin your expertise.

Sod Off Leap Year
by noreply@blogger.com (Basspastor) almost 2 years ago
2016 When Will I See The Driveway? #2
by noreply@blogger.com (Basspastor) almost 2 years ago

Rattletrap Ramblings


"A journey to becoming a pro bass fisherman" is what this blogger set himself out to find himself on; follow his quest here.

Almost Ready for the Open
by rattletrap about 4 years ago
First Day on Lake Kissimmee
by rattletrap about 4 years ago

Mid Current: Fly Fishing at Its Best


Probably the most comprehensive news site on fly fishing available on the Web. Go here to get the latest information as soon as it happens. You can also easily sort through their articles by category!

Video Hatch: “Legacy”
by Erin Block almost 2 years ago
Tippets: Flies That Still Work, Beating the Cold, Fly Fishing Presidents
by Erin Block almost 2 years ago

Fly Fishing in Yellowstone National Park


Get information about water temperature, the best time to fish, fishing regulations, and weather from this blog on fly fishing in Yellowstone.

One More Week
by Yellowstoner almost 2 years ago
Da Moon
by Yellowstoner almost 2 years ago

Cutthroat Stalker


Cutthroat Stalker, or Scott, writes about his love of trout fishing. His blog contains "essays and musings on fly fishing for native trout." The blog is organized well and aesthetically pleasing.

Fly Fishing Magazine


In their own words, "Fly Fishing Magazine is a fly fishing blog and the sister publication to the e-zine www.flyfishingmagazine.com. We will use our little corner of the blogosphere to keep our readers up to date on what's new and news in the world of fly fishing."

The Elusive Yeti
by Murdock about 2 years ago
Fly Fishing Museum of the Southern Appalachians
by Murdock about 2 years ago

Conservation Maven


This blog offers new and insightful views on river fishing and the environmental impact therein.

Orvis News


This well-written blog offers information on the latest environmentally issues as related to water and fishing. The layout if easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing.

Help Protect Wild Salmon by Saving a Forest
by admin about 2 years ago
Help Protect Wild Salmon by Saving a Forest
by admin about 2 years ago

The Suburban Bushwacker: From Fat Boy to Elk Hunter


This bloggers describes his blog as, "A tubby suburban dad watching hunting and adventure shows on TV and wondering could I do that? This is the chronicle of my adventures as I learn to forage, hunt, and fish for food that has lived as I would to myself - wild and free."

Highland Deer Stalking Part 3
by noreply@blogger.com (Suburban Bushwacker) about 2 years ago
Stalking Fallow With The 7mm08
by noreply@blogger.com (Suburban Bushwacker) about 2 years ago

Capt'n Catch'm Lures


You need to check out one of the newest and most interesting concepts in the fishing world today. These fishing lures are very user friendly and easy to use. All you have to do is change out the bodies to switch your actions and colors without having to retie your line. WOW!!! Think of all the advantages you could have using this system.