Trout Underground


Billing itself as "fly fishing's underground voice," Trout Underground has baited scores of readers and commenters who've made it one of the Web's most popular fishing-related blogs. "You see, fly fishing’s supposed to be fun," says the site's About page.

Where Do We Go From Here? (or, The Underground Ends?)
by Tom Chandler over 3 years ago
Weekly Shortcasts for 2014-09-17
by Tom Chandler almost 4 years ago

The Caddis Fly: The Oregon Fly Fishing Blog


We've chosen to highlight yet another fly fishing blog among our top picks for this particular site's excellence and quality of presentation and interactivity. Nearly every post features a video or two, and this site boasts a very polished, freshly caught feel. We also really appreciated the range of offerings in the blog, material that applies to both the novice and experienced fisher alike.

Saltwater Clouser Fly Tying Video for Pacific Albacore with Steve Farrar’s Blend
by Oregon Fly Fishing Blog about 4 years ago
Lower Deschutes River Macroinvertebrate Hatch Activity Survey Results
by Oregon Fly Fishing Blog about 4 years ago



This blog has been dedicated to "freshwater fishing in North America," yet its "interesting videos, great articles, how-to guides, and more" simply beg for application to scenarios the world over. This site places an enormous investment in ensuring that each and every article contains at least a tip or two that can be directly and immediately applied to various fishing experiences. Their regular "Best of the Best" features exemplify this emphasis on practicality.

Fresh Fish! AnglerWise Get’s A New Look
by AnglerWise over 2 years ago
Fishing and Safety
by AnglerWise over 2 years ago

Sweaty Waders


What exactly is meant when this site proclaims itself "a fly fishing blog that sweats"? We speculate that it might refer to the level and density of material and quality of such on this site; it's so hot that it perspires class and readability. The writers are "a group of aging fish guides who are trying to keep the faith and not turn fly fishing into snow boarding." Their wisdom sparkles and comes off as evergreen, despite the age of those at the helm.

Farewell, Sweaty Waders. Hello, The Fly Zone
by BigCutty about 3 years ago
History Lesson
by BigCutty about 3 years ago

I Am a Bass Fisherman


"A bass fishing blog free of right wing rhetoric," Bass Fisherman obviously intends to rid the special sport of fishing from the conservative aesthetic that can frequently accompany it. The "liberal leaning outdoorsman" who writes this blog matches his political edge with some top-tier understanding of the trade and craft of landing a fish on a hook.

Ultimate Fishing Site


"Plan your fishing vacation or just learn plain more about fishing" on this blog site that's especially novice-friendly.

Kayak Fishing Blog


When it comes to fishing, the last thing you may want to do on top of it is concentrate on a kayak; this site makes doing so fun.

Kayak Crankin’ with Efficiency
by Geauxfish about 4 years ago
Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140 Review
by Gary Robinson over 4 years ago

Fishing Jones


This is a first-class fishing blog that really can be argued to double as a personal, nonfiction blog as well.

Semper Fi
by Pete McDonald over 2 years ago
by Pete McDonald over 2 years ago

Moldy Chum


This popular fishing blog site encourages its regular readers to "reel [in] pure thoughts," which can often happen with this site's tips.

Into The Void - Seatrouts in Rio Gallegos
by El Guapo about 4 years ago
The Beaten Path
by El Guapo about 4 years ago

A Fish Blog


"Marine biology and fishing history" intertwine into contemporary fishing tips and techniques to make this a worthwhile site.

One vessel allowed to fish bluefin tuna in Norway
by admin over 4 years ago
How to fillet cod
by admin over 4 years ago

Rich's Bass Fishing Tackle Blog


A fishing tournament blog for ace "anglers and novices alike" does a great job of making its advice easy-to-understand.

Boat Life
by Rich Lindgren over 3 years ago

Arizona Game and Fishing Blog


There's more to this Southwestern state then canyons and deserts; this blog lets you in on the great fish scene.

Lunker Links


A fairly popular fishing blog site that combats its run-of-the-mill web design and writing style with the occasional great tip.

Will Fish For Work


This is a Montana fly fishing blog features specific information on river flows, guide information, and fly tying.

Deep Sea Fishing Blog


One of the more difficult veins of the fishing experience comes from attempts to get the big ones way down deep; this site may make it a bit easier.

Buster Wants to Fish


This site's bloggers have "stared at enough water and felt enough piscatorial vivacity in our mitts to maybe have some things to say about it." Interesting and informative, this blog is well worth the read.

Kicking cabin fever in the teeth.
by Wally over 4 years ago
One Step Closer
by G_Smolt over 4 years ago

Guy Harvey Sport Fishing Blog


Guy Harvey, a first-tier fisherman and vendor of excellent equipment, now pens his own helpful site.