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uAttend.co.uk is a leading supplier of time and attendance systems in the UK offering reliable and affordable employee management solutions.

Being able to do Business on Your Time


Most companies have yet to grasp that there is a whole new world of business that exists for them to tap into. Consumers are totally different from years gone by.

Biometric Clocking In Clocks – Controlling the Rising Labour Costs for UK Businesses


For UK businesses that do not produce anything and only offer services, payroll is the largest part of the expenses in their overall operating costs.

Payroll Time Clocks – Making Life Easier for Small Businesses in the UK


Employee time and attendance tracking and subsequent processing for payroll purposes is one of the most laborious tasks for any business, a fact that you must be aware of if you are a small business owner.

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Need time clocks, time and attendance systems installed at your office address, you get to choose from a wide range of reliable online companies.

Installation and repair of Time attendance systems and mechanical time clocks


We live in technologically advanced times where mobile phones, laptops and other gadgets handle most of your important tasks for us and where instant video communication is a reality.

Employee Time Tracking Made Easy With Automated Timekeeping Software Systems


Accurate employee time tracking is one of the most important processes for effective business management. As a small or medium sized business owner, you need to ensure that your time and attendance tracking is being handled in such a way that it is not only care-free but also accurate.

UK Time Clock – Providing a World of Opportunities for Small Businesses


Small and medium sized businesses have particularly been hit by the most by recent economic meltdown which doesn’t show much signs of recovery.

uAttend’s Time Clock UK – The Quintessential Tool for Better Workforce Management


Time tracking systems have been in use for employee time and attendance recording for more than a century now. These systems have truly evolved over the years transforming into the quintessential HR management tools of today.

How Payroll Time Clocks Can Help You Save Money?


When the payroll is processed every month, there is a great deal of work involved. If the number of employees working in an organisation is large, i

Best Solution of the Cloud Based Timekeeping and Attendance Management


In today’s business world, tens of thousands of business owners have recognised the need for an improvement in accurate and safe timekeeping records and payroll time clocks.

uAttend’sTimekeeping Software – Taking Workforce Managementto the Next Level


uAttend’s timekeeeping software is an HR solution consisting of written programs and procedures that help businesses track employee time and attendance in an accurate manner.



There are many employee time tracking devices available in the market. Many of them are cheap and some of them are expensive but do you think that expensive means they are the best?

Time Clock London For Efficient Time And Attendance


In the last century, companies and small businesses used to collect their employee time and attendance data with simple paper time sheets.