Greg Mankiw


Admittedly, blogger and Harvard professor's blog is primarily focused on the study of economics. However, savvy business students will understand the indelible and deeply entrenched connections that lie between the two disciplines. Readers are able to shore up their understanding of how economics works in real-work scenarios post by post. Greg also offers a priceless set of advice postings, several of which are aimed specifically at b-school students.

by noreply@blogger.com (Greg Mankiw) almost 4 years ago
The Saddest Chart I've Seen Today
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Roubini helps its followers keep track of the worldwide economy and its current state. It makes it clear that what happens worldwide can hit you at home.

Memri Economic Blog


Dr. Nimrod Raphaeli is anything but. He lends an authoritative voice to the often crowded economics blog scene.

Economic History


"Have you ever realized the amazing amount of labour wasted every day in colleges and universities around the world?" This blog ensures that top tier term papers don't go to waste.

Economic Warrior


Econ scholar Barry James Dyke offers a worthwhile and readable opinion on the topic.

Angry Bear


The current economic scene is aggravating enough to make you rage like this blog's tantrum-prone namesake. The writing here is smart enough to pacify your rage.

New Economics


This site is made for people looking to reacquaint themselves with economics, written with care "as if people and the planet mattered."

The Undercover Economist


Jaded by the economy? Turn to this, "a fresh explanation of the fundamental principles of the modern economy, illuminated by examples" that really pop.

Why long-term unemployment matters
by Tim Harford about 4 years ago
What next for behavioural economics?
by Tim Harford about 4 years ago

The Sports Economist


A group of economic professors have collaborated together to produce and maintain a blog focused on the financial aspects behind sports, a multibillion dollar entertainment business from collegiate to professional athletics. The latest news and essays on sports economics are gathered on this blog for those with a mind for finance and a heart for sports.

The Worst Economic Impact Estimate Ever?
by Victor Matheson almost 4 years ago
The Strike Zone as a Probability Density Function
by Phil Miller almost 4 years ago

Business Pundit


This blogs covers all aspects of business on every level. Particular attention is given to women who start-up companies. In addition, Drea and guest bloggers focus on Internet start-ups and the trend that the online environment holds.

Microsoft HoloLens development kit pre-orders now available at $3,000
by James Kosur about 2 years ago
EU clears Dell’s $67 billion purchase of EMC
by John Howard about 2 years ago

Keith Hennessey


The "Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University" has been hailed by several publications as a new voice to listen to.

Hello world!
by kbh almost 3 years ago
Hello world!
by kbh almost 3 years ago

Marginal Revolution


Produced by George Mason University academics Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok, this blog features regular updates, commentary on current economic trends and interests, and links to many other economics articles and publications of note. The blog has a global focus, but does comment on domestic issues as well.

Occupational Licensing Reduces Mobility
by Alex Tabarrok about 2 years ago
Should we ban the $100 bill?
by Tyler Cowen about 2 years ago



Blogger Eric Fulkenstein is a fund manager offers balance to the anti-market efficiency consensus that has built up in lieu of the recent credit crunch. The posts are on-point, relevant, and he writes with a smart, thorough, and understandable voice.

An Economist's Rational Road to Christianity
by Eric Falkenstein over 2 years ago
Requisite Assumptions for the Persistence of the Low Volatility Anomaly
by Eric Falkenstein over 3 years ago

Economic Dreams - Economic Nightmares


Like other blogs listed here, this blog comments on trends in the American economy. One notable difference however is the author's use of theoretical perspectives in describing or analyzing society from an economic perspective. The site includes many links to other economics-themed resources.

John Quiggin


This blog is a commentary on Australian and world events from a social-democratic perspective. May be of interest to the economic student or thinker or has an interest in international perspectives on economics.

Zombie Apocalypse: Commission of Audit edition
by John Quiggin about 4 years ago
Licenses for cyclists?
by John Quiggin about 4 years ago

The Conscience of a Liberal


As the name may suggest, this blog has a definite soft-spot for any thing left-leaning. So for those with a different ideo-political stance, take note. Regardless, author Paul Krugman is a published economist and professor of Economics and International Affairs at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University, and a similar position at the London School of Economics, so at the very least there is academic authority behind his economic ideas.

What Happened to the Great Divergence?
by By Paul Krugman about 2 years ago
The Cases for Public Investment
by By Paul Krugman about 2 years ago