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In terms of title, this blog cannot be beat for direct helpfulness on the scholarship search front. Yet the site doesn't rest on the laurels of its name, thankfully. The posts here provide important and charming information on unique and effective ways in which students can track down the most meaningful scholarship offerings. What is more, the site rounds out its free-funds coverage with significant news clippings from other corners of the college conversation.

Ultimate Guide to College Grants and Scholarships for Minorities
by Amelia over 4 years ago
A Student’s Guide to Finding the Best College Scholarships
by Amelia over 4 years ago

Go Financial Aid


Unless you have saved enough money for your entire degree or you have rich parents, chances are you will need financial aid. This site deals with everything you need to know.

Paying for College


This site focuses on educational financial aid in the state of Virginia. Many of the posts, though, can be applied to situations nationwide.

Affordable options for higher education
by schev almost 3 years ago
Becoming Student Loan Savvy
by schev almost 3 years ago

My Loans Consolidated


Student loans can add up quickly when not attended to. This site helps you find options to keep your payments low.

International Financial Aid


The bloggers at this site work hard to provide readers with helpful, up-to-date information on scholarships, loans, and grants that will help students achieve their study abroad dreams. Occasionally there are posts that offer tips on budget traveling.

The E-Waste Scholarship is Now Open for Entries
by Bryanna Davis over 2 years ago
Student Scholarship from Unplag
by Bryanna Davis over 2 years ago

More Money: College


From Money Magazine comes this financial aid site with a focus on student loans. Many ways to stay afloat financially can be found here too.

How to Pay for College Without Going Broke


HTPCWGB provides a great deal of strong financial aid advice. But it couples it with a bunch of tips on scoring that college acceptance letter.

How to Pay for College Tuition


Families looking for the most worthwhile strategies to making college affordable turn here. Scholarship advice is offered alongside budgeting and frugality counsel.



Blogger Enid loves "helping students find the right path" to their education dreams. She also recognizes how crucial financial aid can be toward that goal.

Good Grades, Low SAT Score: What Gives?
by nextstepu about 3 years ago
Tuesday Tour Day — Utica College
by Laura Sestito about 3 years ago

Financial Aid Facts


It's a great thing to be accepted to your favorite college. This site helps to make it even better, with its scores of tips on making your number one pick an affordable choice.

Textbook Aid


The National Association of College Stores created this site as a way to increase awareness and offer reliable information to students concerning available financial aid to cover course materials. Many don't even realize that this is a possibility.

Student Loan Blog


These writers understand that most students require a loan-scholarship combo to afford the campus. The site provides strong advice on juggling between the two means.

Achieve College Aid


This blog helps college hopefuls, especially their parents, to find myriad means -- including scholarships -- to reduce the cost of study. Pell Grants and FAFSA are covered too.



Every scholarship hunter should closely heed this blog's counsel on another potential asset, the FAFSA. The blog advises using the two money means in tandem for best results.

Applying for merit based scholarships
by FinAidGuru over 4 years ago

The College Blog


Blogger Reecy holds students' and parents' hands here through the whole college process, including money awards. College-specific finance news appears here often.

My Money for College


Beyond just scholarships, this blog works as a college money education for those without a clue. Loans, AP tests, and online money solutions are often-mentioned topics.

The Beat-Tuition Blog


Every facet of the free-college-money search is not merely mentioned but mastered here. Computer loans and discount college credits are also smartly discussed.

Funding Your University Tuition: Worst Ways - Updated
over 3 years ago
Fall Scholarships and Student Aid time is Here!
over 3 years ago

Financial Aid Finder


Each and every mode of locating college money is analyzed with great detail here. Scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study are the most commonly explored means.