One Mint


One Mint is dedicated to helping you make better financial decisions. The blogger writes about things related to personal finance, technology, and economics that will help others make better decisions with their money.

Budget 2016 Announcements
by Shiv Kukreja about 2 years ago
HUDCO 7.69% Tax-Free Bonds – Tranche II – March 2016 Issue
by Shiv Kukreja about 2 years ago

Bankruptcy Home


This bankruptcy/debt consolidation website is an exhaustive resource for anyone considering filing, looking for a bankruptcy lawyer, or with general inquiries on debt consolidation. Visit this blog to get a free bankruptcy evaluation, find answers to frequently asked questions, and learn how to stop foreclosure.

Steps for buying a car after bankruptcy
by Beth about 2 years ago
Filing bankruptcy 6 things you should know
by Beth over 2 years ago

Money Smart Life


As a 12-year old, Ben discovered something called the Konami Code. This code taught him almost superhuman control over his money. With the help of his Grandpop, he started investing in stocks at a young age. Read his intriguing personal story of how he has remained debt free throughout life. You'll emerge with some personal inspiration and appreciate his site even more, coming from someone who has managed their money so well.

5 Things You Can Learn from Your Tax Return
by Miranda over 2 years ago
Best Savings Accounts for Youth Sports
by Ben Edwards over 2 years ago

Bad Money Advice


This blog's authors encourage you to walk alongside them as you stroll to financial security. Stocks and the housing market are among their favored topics.

Len Penzo


A little bit of humor adds to the serious topics covered on this blog. The site will help you become more fluent in personal finance topics, and improve your savings and spending habits. Len emphasizes personal responsibility above all.

36 Amazing Uses for the Lowly Plastic Grocery Bag
by Len Penzo about 2 years ago
Black Coffee: The Full Metal Jacket Edition
by Len Penzo about 2 years ago

Your Smart Money Moves


Your Smart Money Moves - The BEST Personal Finance Blog for Generation X and Y. Get answers to real life questions about how to make the best use of your money at this blog. These bloggers are experienced in finance matters. They have a great section for workplace money conundrums.

Stop Trying To Impress People With Your Money
by Ted Jenkin @ Your Smart Money Moves about 4 years ago
Three Ways To Lower Your Family Mobile Phone Bill?
by Ted Jenkin @ Your Smart Money Moves about 4 years ago

Dual Income No Kids


Should you be so lucky to be a dual-income couple with no kids, you'll appreciate this blog, geared toward making sure that couples make the most of their income and save for the future. 29 year-old Kristina (who has a boyfriend but isn't married) is the head blogger.

5 Things I Would Tell Yourself About Money At 18
by Jason Butler about 2 years ago
4 Things You Can Do With Your Tax Refund
by Jason Butler about 2 years ago

Watson Inc.


Watson Inc. is a combination of popular media following- how much money does Kim Kardashian make, exactly- and insider financial advice- how home mortgages are different from others. His blog posts may deal with any topic that is currently popular in the news.



Weakonomics is written by a banking professional with a strong background in finance and IT, setting this blog apart from most personal finance blogs, which are generally written by amateurs. His finance and budgeting posts are interspersed with musings on the economy, stock market, and politics.

What Happens When The Joneses Next Door Win The Lottery?
by The Weakonomist over 2 years ago
It Was Time For The Fed To Raise Rates
by The Weakonomist over 2 years ago

Fiscal Fizzle


Wojo, now living with his family in Florida, brings to his personal finance advice blog the experience of living in impoverished Poland. His fascination with money, and managing it well, stands in direct relation to witnessing the frugality and and monetary inventiveness that his parents and grandparents demonstrated to winning effect in his homeland. Readers will similar interests and desires will find a trove of tips that they can implement immediately and intelligently.

Retire by 40


This 37 year-old is ticking down the clock not to 40, but rather to retirement success. His detailed "Exit Strategy" is one that even twentysomethings will devour.

Finding a Meaningful Life after Early Retirement
by retirebyforty about 2 years ago
Where Would You Move to After Retirement?
by retirebyforty about 2 years ago

The Penny Saved


A professional consultant has learned from his college days spent without financial wisdom. After being fired, he quickly learned the savvy that he shares today.

Accumulating Money


Like most people, this blog believes that money far outweighs poverty. The head blogger clearly and proudly displays his net worth, slowly approaching $1 million.

January 2016 Net Worth – $462,086.16
by Clint over 2 years ago
Mobile Tech Now A Necessity For Small Businesses
by Clint over 2 years ago

brip blap


Steve wants to obtain financial freedom, and he's simplifying life and going to great lengths to do so. Watch as he succeeds in life and learn how you can make your life better, too.

identify your anti-heroes
by Steve over 2 years ago
it may not ever be done
by Steve over 2 years ago



Paul, a technology junkie, is looking to shore up his financial fitness. He brings a religious focus to the idea of money maintenance.

Tough Money Love


Don't expect sugarcoating when it comes to financial health here. The blog's helmsman isn't afraid to crack the whip when it comes to your credit, debt, and more.

Own the Dollar


Hank and his spouse successfully did away with their credit card debt and help others to do the same here. He's now focused on saving for his kid's college and his own retirement.

FIRE Finance


This blog wants its readers to discover Financial Independence and keep up the push to Retire Early. The writers' experience is highly palpable and oozes through the posts.

Happy Labor Day
by noreply@blogger.com (H Basu) over 3 years ago
Top 10 Dollar Store Buys
by noreply@blogger.com (H Basu) over 3 years ago

Barel Karsan


Blogger Barel helps readers barrel through stock market hassles and attract market success. He directs his audiences to low risk tech investments and value mergers.

The Difference Between God and Larry Ellison*
by noreply@blogger.com (Saj Karsan) about 2 years ago
Market Masters
by noreply@blogger.com (Saj Karsan) about 2 years ago

James Cox Finance Blog


Lawyer and avid reader, James Cox writes to help people better understand the world of business and finance, from investing in stocks to marketing products online. This blog addresses corporate finance, corporate law, economic trading, investment banking, and more. Cox has even linked the site to his Twitter feed where he posts 140-character items about finance.

Car Dealer Finance – Special Low Rate Loans
by James over 4 years ago
A Guide to Investing in Vintage Motorcycles
by James over 4 years ago

My Money Design


MyMoneyDesign.com is a blog about designing strategies that will lead to financial freedom through the acts of making more money, investing, retirement planning, choosing the right stocks and mutual funds, saving, budgeting, planning, and making good lifestyle and career choices. This blog is for you if you are interested in improving your financial habits, saving more towards for your goals, and one day saying goodbye to your dependency on employment income.

Does the 3% Signal Investment Strategy Really Work?
by MMD about 2 years ago
“The 3% Signal” by Jason Kelly – A Book Review
by MMD over 2 years ago



Trend Movements is a blog for information and discussion of financial markets, market psychology and personal finance.

by admin over 4 years ago
Stop Multitasking
by admin over 4 years ago

Straight Talk about Banking and Finance


Learn the financial tools needed to succeed in your financial life. Straight talk about banking and financial matters for both the consumer and business person from a retired banker with more than 20 years of financial experience.