Axels Loops and Spins


From a figure skating calendar to a list of useful links, this blog has everything you need to keep up on your passion. You'll also find breaking news from the skating world.

Ice Addiction


Kate, from London, blogs about a variety of figure skating topics. Her "program of the day" posts feature great videos that will let you relive incredible skating moments.

Ice Addiction - What's Coming Soon?
by Kate over 4 years ago
The Skating Lesson
by Kate over 4 years ago

Flutzing Around


Tony Wheeler is a figure skating fan. He blogs about events and news and recently covered the Four Continents Ladies Short Program.

Boot and Blade


This figure skating blog looks at the sport as a whole, with a special focus on Canadian skating. It is authored by Julie Szabo who is a writer and figure skating coach.

Are Figure Skating Costumes Really That Bad?
by Julie over 4 years ago
2014 European Figure Skating Championships, Budapest
by Julie over 4 years ago

Jo Ann's Figure Skating Blog


Jo Ann has been skating since childhood and has won awards in both figure skating and ice dancing. She blogs about everything from sharpening blades to becoming a skater.

Required Elements


Required Elements is a figure skating news blog written by fans of the sport. Readers will find previews, predictions, and results from a variety of events.

Life on the Edge


This blog is written from the perspective of figure skating parents Allen and Alison. They offer advice from the wisdom of 21 years in the sport.

We Are Family
by Ateam On The Edge over 2 years ago
The Most Tangible of Intangible Assets
by Ateam On The Edge over 2 years ago

Lake Placid Skater


This blogger is a figure skater and a speed skater - a powerful combination! The blog focuses on skating events in Lake Placid, New York, and the surrounding area.

REVIEW: New Riedell Aria Skates
by Christie Sausa over 3 years ago
Links and Photos
by Christie Sausa almost 4 years ago

Art on Ice


Art on Ice is a community blog that promotes Italian and European figure skating. The site is available in Italian and English languages and features photos, interviews, and TV schedules.

Banner Piazza grande
over 4 years ago
Michal Březina: “I feel lucky for who I am and what I’m doing. Life gave me so much”
over 4 years ago

Raising Figure Skaters


This blog is all about what its title implies - raising figure skaters. Parents of young skaters will find advice, encouragement, product recommendations, and more.

Best Motherhood Quotes
by Deb Chitwood over 2 years ago
“The Teacher” Montessori Word Art Freebie
by Deb Chitwood over 2 years ago

The Manleywoman Skatecast


This blog features show notes from the Manleywoman Skatecast podcast. It covers everything from the US Nationals to the Ice Capades.

Why I need to take a break
by allison over 3 years ago
Episode #82: Parker Pennington
by allison over 3 years ago



Sk8Strong is a blog that offers exercise routines for figure skaters. It is written by Lauren Downes who works at Performance Rehab and skates in her spare time.

Thoughts on the 2014 US National Figure Skating Championships
by Lauren over 4 years ago

Chitwood Skating


This blog is written by three outstanding skaters, Will Chitwood, Chea Hutton-Chitwood, and Christina Chitwood-Parkin. All are gold medalists and share their unique perspectives on this blog.

Cascade Valley Figure Skating Club


This blog offers updates on the happenings at the Cascade Valley Figure Skating Club. Readers will also be informed of events in the Renton, Washington area.



Eskatefans is a blog made for fans of figure skating. It features news, skater spotlights, and general info.

April 21 Stories
by Admin over 4 years ago
April 13 Stories
by Admin over 4 years ago

Binky's Johnny Weir Blog


Content exclusively devoted to all things Johnny Weir until I am able to at least partially recover some semblance of interest in something else. Don't hold your breath.

A Happy Ending and...
by Binky and the Misfit Mimes over 3 years ago
Super Hero
by Binky and the Misfit Mimes over 3 years ago

Final Flight


At Final Flight you'll find everything you need to know about ladies figure skating. Readers will enjoy stunning photos and up-to-the-minute results.

Golden Skate


Not only does this blog include informative articles but it also features a forum and newsletter. You'll find a variety of resources here, including music and program info.

Zhiganshina and Gazsi dance into new directions
by Paula Slater almost 4 years ago
Razzano driven by passion and focus
by Paula Slater almost 4 years ago

Absolute Skating


News, photos, and interviews will keep you in the skating loop. Absolute Skating has all that and more, including posts on ice dance.

Figure Skaters Online


If you're looking for interviews, contests, and behind-the-scenes info, this is the blog for you. Figure Skaters Online lays it all out in an easy to read format that will keep coming back for more.

“Stars on Ice” visits 20 U.S. cities
by Figure Skaters Online about 4 years ago
Everything coming together at the right time for Douglas Razzano
by Figure Skaters Online over 4 years ago

Ice Dance


If you're craving the latest news on your favorite ice dancers, look no further. With photos, results, and even a partner search, this blog has you covered.

Q&A with Finland's Torn & Partanen
by daphnebackman@gmail.com (IDC Staff) over 2 years ago
The battle for gold in Bratislava
by daphnebackman@gmail.com (IDC Staff) over 2 years ago