Southern Femme


Women of the South are much more than belles and mintjulep sippers, as this blog verifies. This blogger from Alabama flaunts the region's capacity for excellent fashion.

Style Icon 101
by Southern Femme over 3 years ago
5 Ways to Tie a Scarf
by Southern Femme over 3 years ago

Glitter & Pearls


A passion for kitsch, love, and glamor - Glitter and Pearls is a blog full of both tacky and couture, vintage and chic. I write about everything and anything I fall in love with, from gorgeous clothes to impractical shoes, weddings I love, home decor, attempts in the kitchen, even the big scary future.

11 Lessons This City Girl Has Learned in the South
by Lexi almost 3 years ago
Sleek Bohemian Rustic Family Home
by Lexi almost 3 years ago

Style. Love. Repeat.


Style. Love. Repeat. is a unique voice dedicated to women who know that love and great style are all you need in life!



because being a girl is more than just a story. an excerpt from lilpink.info: "I blog mainly about fashion and experiences. I started blogging way back in high school. And this blog started on February 14, 2010 – the day of hearts. And I believe that this blog is made out of my great love for writing and sharing what I know. That’s why it is here to stay. I have been brought up by Muslim parents with great love and respect for people. I am a Muslimah with a love for fashion and makeup. Many think that it is inappropriate to do these things but I beg to disagree. I am doing this with great modesty and I believe that noone could ever say perfectly what I feel inside. Dressing and grooming in a way that has not crossed the borderline of Islamic practices is perfect. I believe that I have not crossed any borderline and never will. I blog for the entirety of my passion. I have always loved writing about things that concerns me. I have always wanted to share what I know to other people. With my blogs, I am able to accomplish this passion."

My Daily Rants


Well. I am a girl. My name is April Perez. I feel loved, blessed and happy. I have the best support system I could ever imagine between my family and friends. Jon and Sofia is what pretty much completes me right now. My job fulfills me every day. And as they say, to love what you do, that is the ultimate goal. So here we are. X

Zoomanity Group joins Philippine Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions event (PhilAAPA)
by April Perez about 3 years ago
Let's Talk about Pilot Shirts
by April Perez about 3 years ago

Elegant Swag


A street style blog and photos of clothes and accessories which I think have 'Elegant Swag'. Definition of Swag: Appearance, style and the way he or she presents themselves. "Style is not how much you spend on your clothes..."

Empress Style


After realizing that I and people like me; that is, women who embrace, accept, and promote all of who they are with no masks or chemical alterations, were virtually missing from the fashion and style media online and off, I decided to do something about it. It seems, that too many women of every ethnicity are trying to fit into a media manipulated image of what beauty is. Empress style is a reminder that it is okay to be different, that it is acceptable to be natural, and that that it is necessary to love yourself, just as nature untended. Here, I aim to promote individuality, originality, and uniqueness because cute, pretty, and popular, or even worse, rail thin and white have been passed off as beautiful for far too long. Empress Style is bringing it back with distinctive fashion, style, and culture...

Typical House Cat


A fashion blog for women focusing a vegan-friendly fashion, beauty and crafts. Features include a weekly featured nail polish swatch, Mani Monday and do-it-yourself accessory and jewelry tutorials.

{Eating SLC} Vertical Diner
by mskristiina over 4 years ago
How to Fishtail Without a Loom
by mskristiina over 4 years ago

DeFY. New York


DeFY. New York is a footwear dominated lifestyle website that bridges the past with the present in a way that has never been done before. It is a hub for all things “footwear”, from a growing materials reference guide to the latest shoe releases and everything in between. In addition to the “main course” of footwear, DeFY. also covers the “condiments” of what makes the culture what it was, what it is, and what it will become. This includes apparel, music, movies, health, sports, video games, and much more. To “defy” is to reject, and DeFY. New York rejects the common formula of other sneaker related sites.

Saving Ankles Two At A Time: DeFY New York Interviews Ektio Creator Barry Katz
by Scott Frederick about 4 years ago
Diadora Seb Coe I.C. 4000 Impact Control Running Shoe 1988
by Scott Frederick about 4 years ago



Margaret Urbanowicz(16) Remember that name you'll be screaming it soon ;)) Cork-based Irish fashion blogger. email me at 4ngsquared2@gmail.com 4ng2 <3

My Nail Art Blog


This blog is about all things nail art! Simple designs you can do at home, polish and product reviews, and more. If you want to request of tutorial for one of my designs leave a comment or email me.

Fashion By Alicia


Fashion By Alicia is a fashion blog that showcases daily outfits, provides fashion tips and trends, and product reviews.

How Was Your Day?


Chronicles of a 20-something gal. A recent transplant to the Midwest from the West Coast, I'm still trying to figure it out. Beauty, fashion, style, design, DIY, food, and travel are all covered.

The Best Ways to Wear Short Boots
by Greta Brinkley almost 4 years ago
Sorry & Trouble Board Games Giveaway – US Only
by Greta Brinkley almost 4 years ago