Southern Femme


Women of the South are much more than belles and mintjulep sippers, as this blog verifies. This blogger from Alabama flaunts the region's capacity for excellent fashion.

Style Icon 101
by Southern Femme over 3 years ago
5 Ways to Tie a Scarf
by Southern Femme over 3 years ago

Elegant Swag


A street style blog and photos of clothes and accessories which I think have 'Elegant Swag'. Definition of Swag: Appearance, style and the way he or she presents themselves. "Style is not how much you spend on your clothes..."

Empress Style


After realizing that I and people like me; that is, women who embrace, accept, and promote all of who they are with no masks or chemical alterations, were virtually missing from the fashion and style media online and off, I decided to do something about it. It seems, that too many women of every ethnicity are trying to fit into a media manipulated image of what beauty is. Empress style is a reminder that it is okay to be different, that it is acceptable to be natural, and that that it is necessary to love yourself, just as nature untended. Here, I aim to promote individuality, originality, and uniqueness because cute, pretty, and popular, or even worse, rail thin and white have been passed off as beautiful for far too long. Empress Style is bringing it back with distinctive fashion, style, and culture...

DeFY. New York


DeFY. New York is a footwear dominated lifestyle website that bridges the past with the present in a way that has never been done before. It is a hub for all things “footwear”, from a growing materials reference guide to the latest shoe releases and everything in between. In addition to the “main course” of footwear, DeFY. also covers the “condiments” of what makes the culture what it was, what it is, and what it will become. This includes apparel, music, movies, health, sports, video games, and much more. To “defy” is to reject, and DeFY. New York rejects the common formula of other sneaker related sites.

Saving Ankles Two At A Time: DeFY New York Interviews Ektio Creator Barry Katz
by Scott Frederick about 4 years ago
Diadora Seb Coe I.C. 4000 Impact Control Running Shoe 1988
by Scott Frederick about 4 years ago

Next Edition Fashion


Geared towards Fashionistas establishing their own following, Next Edition brings you what’s next, right now in the fashion and media universe from those fashionated with trend setting, product launches, and an individual twist to what you may already know.

Karishma Donde


I was born & raised in America but was taught to embrace culture not just inclusive to fashion but natural medicine as well. I am always incorporating and Indian-inspired clothing and jewelry into my wardrobe. On the side, I practice my grandma's natural remedies and would like to share my knowledge & fashion with the world.

Closet of Basics- Pens & Peps
over 4 years ago
Feminine Collections for Men??
over 4 years ago

SWYF fashion blog


Stay up to date with the SWYF fashion blog. This blog informs you about the latest fashion trends, the best fashion bloggers of this moment and gives you ideas and inspiration for your next trendy outfit.



NOI h. SAF is updated daily and focuses on 6 different style categories: Tomboy, Glam, Casual, Vintage, Urban, Classic. **Sunday's School Sophisti"cat", aka 'Church outfit' published every Sunday morning at 12am est. Other posts: Fashion/style ideas, Curvy Girls outfit ideas, Next to Me (romance editorials), Inspiring Women, Signature Series (features style and traits that are unique to individuals)... and much more