Grame's Fantasy Book Review


Graeme Flory is a dedicated fan of fantasy literature and blogs about it on a daily basis. An avid reader, Graeme's posts read a bit like a travel guide through his daily life. In addition to advance notices of new releases and insightful reviews, Graeme includes snippets of his personal experiences and always manages to relate them to a book he's read. This blog is not only a fantastic resource for fantasy lovers, it is also an entertaining read all on its own.

The Book Pushers


The Book Pushers are four outspoken ladies, some from the UK and some from the US, who enjoy sharing their opinions--their absolutely honest opinions--about books. They are especially fond of Romance and Urban Fantasy, and only review books from mainstream publishing channels. The ladies also post book news and the occasional editorial rant. They always explain why they "lurrved" a book, and why they didn’t. They don’t accept self published titles and vanity presses for reviews

Joint Review: True Pretenses Lively St. Lemeston #2) by Rose Lerner
by Lou about 3 years ago
Review – The Deal by Elle Kennedy
by MinnChica about 3 years ago



Paranormal/Urban fantasy romance web site where readers can come together to discuss spotlighted books.

The Drifting Bookworm


The Drifting Bookworm is a book review blog dedicated to giving honest reviews. We mainly stay within the fantasy genre (for adults and young adults), but we do branch out to other genres - specifically contemporary fiction and historical romance.



A book review blog written by a mid-20s east-coast Canadian with a passion for a good cup of tea. With a focus on fantasy and speculative fiction (and YA novels of the same genres), Bibliotropic has been reviewing good books since the beginning of 2010.

Iron Night, by M L Brennan
by Ria over 3 years ago
GUEST POST: Lian Hearn on “Blackguards”
by Ria over 3 years ago

Bitten by Books


The focus of the Bitten by Books website is to provide book reviews for all types of paranormal fiction, urban fantasy and horror. Our reviewers share an avid love of all things paranormal and of course of books! You may see an occasional fantasy or Sci-fi review as well, as sometimes authors overlap genres or the genres incorporate one another. Bitten by Books prides itself on offering our readers honest book reviews, author interviews, interesting guest blog spots and fun contests. Whether you love paperback books or e-books, make http://bittenbybooks.com your only stop for all things in the paranormal fiction genre. If you are a reader, author or publisher of paranormal fiction be sure to join our awesome community The Blood Bank and connect with like minded people.

Kristin Miller Release Party and $50.00 Amazon Gift Card Contest LIVE HERE!
by Site Hostess over 2 years ago
Carmen Falcone Interview and Amazon Gift Card Contest LIVE Here!
by Site Hostess over 2 years ago

The Runaway Pen


A review/writing blog dedicated to Young Adult, Fantasy, and Paranormal genres. "Tired after a long day on the battlefield? Or are you sitting in a library somewhere, dreaming of adventure? Escape with me into a world of enchanted book reviews, forbidden fairytales, forsaken love and fields upon fields of fantasy writing."

Book Birthday: Salted by Aaron Galvin - Here come the selkies!
by Intisar Khanani almost 4 years ago
Interview with Fantasy Author Dirk Strasser (The Books of Ascension)
by Intisar Khanani about 4 years ago

Mithril Wisdom


Mithril Wisdom is a fantasy book review blog offering honest and balanced reviews of fantasy fiction, as well as showcasing the latest and best that the fantasy genre has to offer. Book trailers, cover reveals and some light hearted discussion also feature.

Moving on ...
by noreply@blogger.com (Jamie Gibbs) almost 3 years ago
Day Four by Sarah Lotz
by noreply@blogger.com (Jamie Gibbs) almost 3 years ago

Tynga's Reviews


Tynga's Reviews is the place to discover your next book! Book reviews, author interviews, contest and giveaways are on the menu and our favorite genre are Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance and Dystopian. Adult and Young Adult alike should be pleased!

Starflight by Melissa Landers
by Stéphanie about 2 years ago
Stacking The Shelves [199]
by Marie about 2 years ago

Fantasy Bytes


Byte-Sized Fantasy fiction reviews; A mix of old and new. No plot re-hashes, no spoilers, no stars, just straightforward honest opinion.

Beauty in Ruins


These are the chronicles of a book addict, a photo junkie, and an aspiring author, rewriting the very fabric of reality one page (and one snapshot) at a time. From the strange to the unusual; the abandoned to the abnormal; the haunted to the historic; the supernatural to the surreal; the forests of dark fantasy, the cemeteries of gothic horror, and the post-apocalyptic ruins of science fiction are the landscapes of my imagination.

Beauty in Ruins chats with Kristi Charish (Owl and the City of Angels)
by Bob R Milne about 2 years ago
From the Shelf to the Page: This Week in the Ruins
by Bob R Milne about 2 years ago

Grasping for the Wind


Grasping for the Wind is a premier science fiction and fantasy blog founded in November 2004. Since its inception, GFTW has provided speculative fiction news, interviews, and reviews. Its proprietor is also a regular contributor to Tor.com, a reviewer for Publishers Weekly, SF Site and Black Gate, and an irregular at SF Signal.

Reviews: Ken Liu, Joanne M. Harris, Alan Smale, and John Dixon
by John Ottinger III almost 3 years ago
The Blog of Unnecessary Quotation Marks
by John Ottinger III about 3 years ago

Bookmark Reviews


Bookmark Reviews focuses on honest reviews for the following gengres: Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Dystopian. We bring in depth content on new releases and some all time great books.

Fresh Fantasy Fiction


Book blog that specialises in the Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Paranormal genres.

Pure Textuality


Pure Textuality was established on May 2, 2011 by Jena Gregoire as the sole reviewer. In January 2012, Jena decided it was high time to bring a team on board and put a request on the site and on Twitter for new reviewers wanted. By August 2012, the team was up to 18 reviewers and Jena had invited one of them (Ginny) to become partner in the site. Pure Textuality is a book blog for news, reviews, author interviews, blog tour stops, etc. If it's got to do with books, we are on it. Genres of Adult and YA fiction we love to read: •Romance & Romantic Comedy •Paranormal & Paranormal Romance •Contemporary •Fantasy •Sci-Fi •Dystopian •Urban Fantasy •Thriller / Horror •Mystery / Crime •Memoirs / Biographies •Historical Fiction

Eco de las Hojas


An up-and-coming blog featuring mostly fantasy and science-fiction reviews in both english and spanish.

The Bearded Scribe


A blog devoted entirely to Speculative Fiction: Fantasy and Science Fiction, with a bit of Paranormal and Horror thrown in for good measure.

I Read Encyclopedias for Fun


I read encyclopedias for fun. I love information and learning new things. With that said, I love science and history, so I really enjoy science fiction, fantasy, science, and historical fiction. The majority of reviews are on these genres. Also, I talk about my writing and other topics.

Coming Up With a Title
by Jay Dee almost 3 years ago
Choose My Best Instagram Photos – Round 1, Group 9
by Jay Dee almost 3 years ago