Office Humor Blog


The office is where you work. You're already spending a great deal of time there. So why not have a little fun while you're at it? This blog features some "work distractions", including ideas that you can implement at your office, such as pranks, jokes, videos, and more.

Stuff That Bugs Me


We all have those particular items that ... irk us. This blog makes those things stand out loud and clear -- for a laugh.

Language and Humor Blog


This blog basically can find what's laughable in a whole bunch of languages -- including French and sign language.

Fancy Fast Food


McDonald's has never been made to look so magnificently uproarious than on this site.

Keeping Up with Mom


Being a mother can either be kind of a burden, or a scintillating, comic delight. This momma opts for the latter.

Sometimes You Get Dirty…
by Jones over 4 years ago

I Hate My Message Board


"Humor, crankiness, a museum of snack foods, and the odd motivational piece" color this blog as generally awesome.

by Tracy almost 5 years ago



This "funny, witty humor blog" has attracted quite a following, in large part for its sharp writing.

Angie's Blog


This top-tier humor writer is "serving up a variety of musings about life, humor, books, and more."

Happy Stranger's Day
by Angie B. almost 3 years ago
Back Row
by Angie B. almost 3 years ago

Jake's Comedy Corner


"Jake Novak's material is used by more than 100 radio stations across the world," and for darn good reason.

Awkward Family Photos


Cringe-worthy shots with the fam -- we've all endured them. This blog site lets you giggle at other crazy clan pics.

Leaf Blower
by james over 2 years ago
The Seventh Wheel
by james over 2 years ago

Passive Aggressive Notes


A blog dedicated almost entirely to chronicling hilarious notes, signs, and e-mails in the workplace, Passive Aggressive Notes is a brilliantly crafted website. Readers will never fail to be amused by the distinct passive-aggressive satire that accompany the posts.

You can’t spare three squares?
by Kerry over 2 years ago
Happy Birthday, and see you soon! xoxo, Cancer
by Kerry over 2 years ago

Tara's Take


Tara's Take is a daily dose of mindless musings that will either make you laugh or cringe, but you somehow keep coming back for more. Kind of like rubber necking on the freeway.

Read This Write-up On Baseball That Gives A lot of Great Tips
about 4 years ago
Here's Where You Can Find Back Pain Comfort
about 4 years ago



I named my blog Brutalism as a nod to the architectural style thusly named that exposes the rawness of materials used in construction. And also because I want you to lick my boot, you miserable little worm.

Pound Foolish
by Brutalism over 2 years ago
Brutalism Holiday Gift Guide 2015
by Brutalism over 2 years ago

Holly's House-Not a Perfect Mom's Blog


Holly is a stay at home to four kids stumbling her way through motherhood one skinny vanilla latte at a time. Her children love to destroy her will to live and her honest humor on parenting and life will leave you laughing...

Ways To Relax
by holly over 4 years ago
Dinner for Ungrateful Brats Served Here
by holly over 4 years ago

Novice Mama


Baby antics and parenting humor with cheesy drawings