Delicious Days


This blog is authored by Nicky Smith from Munich Germany. It has an international flair with a healthy dose of German influence .We found it easy to navigate sections including a food news feed. The site features the author’s own recipes, as well as adaptations from other cookbooks. There is an invaluable article to help the beginner food blogger get started.

As long as the season lasts - Blood orange & grapefruit sorbet
by Nicky over 4 years ago
Rice pudding - A classic in a league of its own
by Nicky over 4 years ago

Eating Asia


Freelance journalist Robyn Eckhardt and editorial and commercial freelance photographer David Hagerman are the owners of this beautiful blog. They live in Asia and this site is all about the Asian culture. The photos of Asian street vendors and markets along with the people of Asia are inspiring.

Döner Redeemed: Erzurum's Cağ Kebabı
by Robyn Eckhardt almost 4 years ago
Döner Redeemed: Erzurum's Cağ Kebabı
by Robyn Eckhardt almost 4 years ago

The Spice Spoon


Blogger Shayma uses her uniquely blended background to energize her writing on page. She focuses equally on food in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran.

Saffron-Scented Aubergine Stew in the Persian Manner
by Shayma over 3 years ago
Spice Spoon in Hello! Magazine
by Shayma almost 4 years ago

The Very Hungry Cook


This blog details a food lovers journey as she just begins culinary school. We love the honest wit of the blog and the clever writing. It's also full of great recipes that look delicious.

Latin Food Lovers


This blogger has been involved in the food world for years - she started in food business and eventually started culinary school. She knows all about the food business and this is the blog to read if you have any questions.

Rachel Eats


Rachel is a foodie, student and actress celebrating food all over Europe. She loves to cook and show off her recipes with style. We love this blog for it's original approach and style

the language of food 2016
by rachel over 2 years ago
I have this kitchen
by rachel over 2 years ago

Kitchen Karma


In this food blog to talk about the food I love, foods which cheer me up, memories associated with certain foods, traditions around food, new cuisines I try out, restaurants and cafes I eat in, people who motivate me to cook and much more. Mostly in this blog you will find Bangali recipes and other Indian recipes and also my experiments in the kitchen with international cuisine.

Can't Stop At One Spicy Cheese Scones with Norwegian Jarlsberg Cheese
by Suchismita Majumdar over 2 years ago
Jeera Fried Rice with Tilda's Brown Basmati & Wild Rice & Mallika Basu's Tilda Supper Club
by Suchismita Majumdar over 2 years ago

Zexxy's Wife


Zexxy's Wife, an ethnic food blog created for the passionate cook, is a place for everyone. Where people from all around the world can develop confidence and a love for cooking as large as the one Zexxy's Wife has. She writes in simple yet comprehensive language so that everyone can understand and be sure of what they are doing. The blog is beautifully formatted and easy to navigate on. One can also find ethnic fashions as well as original birthday cakes, crafts, movies and cooking tips on the blog. Featuring 'step by step' instructions, the blog is perfect if you are just beginning to cook or if you have years of experience. People from all walks of life are sure to enjoy this blog, as there is something for everyone!

Handmade Leather Earrings
by Zexxy's wife over 2 years ago
New Crafts
by Zexxy's wife over 2 years ago

Puerto Morelos Cooks


Puerto Morelos ( Quintana Roo Mexico) - traditional Yucatan & Yucatanese recipes curation site on-line Fresh vegetables , fish , seafood & the freshest fruit from the Cancun Puerto Morelos & Playa del Carmen make the distinction for Yucatan Mexican traditional recipes online

Natasha's Kitchen


Well, this is mostly a Russian food blog/ Ukrainian food blog. It features authentic Russian recipes and Ukrainian recipes. Sometimes I stray and post something Mexican, Asian or Italian, but I only post stuff that we make and really enjoy, Like Zuppa Toscana. This is a personal website and all of the recipes are tested and approved by my family. All of the photography is done by my husband Vadim, or myself unless otherwise noted. The ingredients are simple and easily accessible (not overly hoity-toity). My motto: if you can read, you can cook!

Beet Salad Recipe
by natashaskitchen over 2 years ago
Pork Schnitzel Recipe
by natashaskitchen over 2 years ago

Zouqh, The Taste of Being...


Creating something delicious has always been me in a nutshell... Do I like it? Hell ya!! Maybe not so much when I was a child and was forced to help mom in the kitchen... but now, I thank her for whatever bit of knife skills I have... It was a young start, which is growing seriously into a lifelong career. A journalist became a chocolatier and a hobby cook and cook-blogger by choice, and is loving every second of it! I am starting off my blog, Zouqh with a lot of passion and hopefully, you will feel it pulse through every page of this. All these recipes are my take on my favourite entrees and deserts, and sometimes my main-s adventures!! TO FOOD NIRVANA, FELLOW BLOGGERS!!! And as for my innovative and unique chocolates, do not forget to visit my Web site. I am sure you would find something rather great and interesting to order right away!!! We deliver all across India and accept all major credit/debit cards and NEFT.

A Year’s Journey Through Food!
by Antara Roy about 4 years ago
Summery Delight – Pesto Pasta and Preserved Lemon Salad
by Antara Roy about 4 years ago

Me Me Says...


M? Me, the heart of vietnamese cooking, a mother and daughter blog, detailing our main love -vietnamese food.

Sassy Earl Grey


Recipe and photography website that focuses largely on ethnic and fusion foods, but also baking and occasionally local fare reviews.

it’s true, blue!
by Anjo Angela Lim over 4 years ago

Dutch Recipes


Blog in which a collective of Dutch cooks presents its best traditional and modern Dutch recipes for an English speaking audience.



All about Indo fusion recipes ,a collaboration of Indian and international cuisines to relish...

Culinarily Yours


Simple, honest, and full of life, hi, this is Rahul Arora, Chef, Entrepreneur, Foodie, Teacher, Food Blogger, and passionate about food in general. I run a chain of cafes around Kolkata, and am keenly interested in connecting with people who love food - both in and out of my city.