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An awesome blog that deals with ethical matters as they relate to medical and biological research. This is often an area that walks a fine line when it comes to ethical choices.

Watching the retractions
by Stuart Rennie over 2 years ago
Tirage with terrorists
by Stuart Rennie over 2 years ago

Research Ethics Blog


Dr. Nancy Walton's blog focuses on the ethics of research, which she is unafraid to speak about controversial drugs trials. She touches on everything to do with research and ethics that we think you will enjoy reading.

Bad Behaviour by Pharma, and Unforeseen Consequences
by Chris MacDonald over 3 years ago
Is there a “Right to Try” Experimental Drugs?
by Chris MacDonald over 3 years ago



This blog is about ethical issues that arise when it comes to genetics. There is a lot of great information here that we are sure you will enjoy!

Genethics article update: April 2014
by stuart over 4 years ago
Job: Professor of Bioethics and Director (VELIM) (Sydney, Australia)
by stuart over 4 years ago



Even with your typical vaccines that children and adults receive there are many ethical issues. Check out this blog for a lot of very insightful information.

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This blog is dedicated to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is about my life in Him. Only because of Him do I even exist.