CSRwire Talkback


This blog sets out to start discussion concerning Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR. The bring readers new snippets and articles written by several different bloggers in an effort to bring conversation about CSR to the front line.

International Corporate Governance


Blogger Allison surveys fraud as it takes place worldwide on this blog. Singapore, Nigeria, and the European Union are recently featured and critiqued countries.

Pilant's Business Ethics Blog


James Pilant began his blog with the purpose of providing a place for business writing ethics, and he continues to grow the site. It is a worthwhile blog to check out, we think you will like it.

Obama’s Wonderful Words
by James Pilant over 3 years ago
The Billionaire Price Index
by James Pilant over 3 years ago

Thinking Ethics


The blog was started initially as a way to debate the various issues relating to business ethics, but it has since grown. There is lots of information on this blog that will make you think about ethics in business in a new way.

Reducing cheating
by Beth Krasna about 4 years ago
us and... reinventing ethics
by Beth Krasna over 4 years ago

Green and Profitable Blog


When it comes to living "green" and protecting the future of the earth, nowhere does ethics come more into play. This blog is not meant to make you feel guilty for using certain products, but to give you resources.

Why Bernie Isn’t George McGovern—Or Michael Dukakis
by Shel Horowitz—Green/Ethical Business Expert over 2 years ago
Let Obama Appoint Scalia’s Replacement—History is on His Side
by Shel Horowitz—Green/Ethical Business Expert over 2 years ago

Kernel of Truth


Everything you ever wanted to know about integrity and ethics can being found on Kernel of Truth. You can find ethics on businesses, law firms, and just about everything else.

The Food Ethics Blog


As the name of the blog suggests, this blog is about the ethics in food and those that handle food. It offers a lot of food for thought.

by Chris MacDonald over 2 years ago
Are Hybrid Fruits & Vegetables Safe?
by Chris MacDonald over 2 years ago

Ethical Business Ethics


Rose-Anne Moore has been writing about business ethics on her blog for a few years now. She has many useful pieces of information that we think you will enjoy.

Could It Happen to a Nicer Guy?
by rose-anne moore over 2 years ago
Sometimes A "Disappointing" Result Is Good Enough
by rose-anne moore over 2 years ago

Building an Ethical World


This blog offers many different guest bloggers and writers all contributing to business ethics. The blog is about global ethics, which is a much larger scope than many people explore.

Do Business Schools Have a Responsibility?
by olssoncenter almost 4 years ago
Stakeholder Responsibility
by olssoncenter almost 4 years ago



This blog is about ethical issues that arise when it comes to genetics. There is a lot of great information here that we are sure you will enjoy!

Genethics article update: April 2014
by stuart about 4 years ago
Job: Professor of Bioethics and Director (VELIM) (Sydney, Australia)
by stuart about 4 years ago



Even with your typical vaccines that children and adults receive there are many ethical issues. Check out this blog for a lot of very insightful information.

Walmart Watch


The blog has no affiliation with Walmart, and as you read through some of the posts you will see why. The blog's main mission is to make Walmart, the famously large retailer, be accountable and ethical. If the group sees or hears anything that even smells like an ethical violation, it is placed on this blog.

Moms Take On Walmart, AND WIN!
by jway about 4 years ago
Worker Pressure Causes Walmart to Grant Access to More Hours
by jway about 4 years ago

Justin Vacula's Blog


Justin Vacula -- the author of this blog -- is an active outspoken atheist and community activist in Northeastern Pennsylvania who is the co-organizer, spokesperson, and board member of the NEPA Freethought Society - a secular discussion and activist group of non-theists that is an affiliate of American Atheists. Topics explored on this site mainly deal with atheism, theism, and philosophy with a special focus on local happenings and my activism.



This blog is about me reaching out to the lost world and the sleeping church with the good news of the Gospel of Christ.

The Faith of Abraham
by Kevin Payne over 3 years ago
The Faith of Abraham
by Kevin Payne over 3 years ago

Surreal, Satire, Delusional and Twisted


"I" am an observer, I enjoy madness, treating everything as an entertainment; a supporter of chaos.

03 Fall
by Fred Wz over 3 years ago
Not a prayer
by Fred Wz over 3 years ago

Kimmy Sharing Light


Writing the truth, and sharing the light with others. All the advice you ever gave anyone is for you to hear. - Byron Katie When we share with others, we are truly expressing what we have changed, or want to change within ourselves. My website is to recognize the reason we are sharing, is to embed the command in our own mindset.

Pray for one another, so that you may be healed
by Kimberly Garcia over 2 years ago
Verse of the Day: Jude 1:24-25
by Kimberly Garcia over 2 years ago

Clouds Moving In


Clouds is where I write about topics that I am passionate about - eg vegetarianism, animal rights, the environment, consumerism, shopping.

Dear world
by roughseasinthemed over 2 years ago
Simple sexism
by roughseasinthemed over 2 years ago

Justin Vacula's Blog


Justin Vacula's Blog explores atheism, philosophy, science, church/state separation, local news, and national news appealing to open-minded religious and non-religious persons in Northeastern Pennsylvania and around the world.

Johns Revelation Christian Issues Blog


This blog provides current news concerning issues that are of concern to Christians including abortion, divorce, creation, immigration, marriage amendment, the occult and more. Keep up to date on the latest news about each of these important issues.