The Savvy Vegetarian


Judith Kingsbury, better known as the Savvy Vegetarian, has been blogging about green eating and living since the mid 90s. Here you’ll find a comprehensive collage of diet and nutrition tips, healthy lifestyle advice, and recipes for the veggie cook.

10 Reasons to Love Lentils – The Other Legume
by Savvy Veg over 4 years ago
Gluten Free Vegan Baking In the Comfort Zone
by Savvy Veg over 4 years ago

Veg News


VegNews is a up-to-the-minute publication with a savvy online version that features several topical blogs hosted by VegNews editors and staff. Fun, contemporary and full of information for today’s sophisticated veggie foodie.

40th Annual Vegetarian Summerfest Kicks Starts Today
about 4 years ago
Seasonal Berry Cobbler
about 4 years ago

Veg Daily


The bloggers at VegDaily pride themselves on their progressive and socially conscious message. This very active site hosts information on a wide range of issues impacting vegetarian life--from animal activism to plant-based fashion tips.

Veggie Revolution


A blog with a conscience. This award-winning site is based on the idea that diet choice is one of the top three factors affecting global climate change. Authors and activists Sally & Sadie Kneidel cover sensitive socio-political issues concerning environmental crises, epidemic health concerns, and wildlife endangerment.

Mantises and mosquito spray
by noreply@blogger.com (Sally Kneidel, PhD) almost 3 years ago
Squeaky Bessbugs
by noreply@blogger.com (Sally Kneidel, PhD) almost 3 years ago



Ecorazzi is a unique blog that focuses on the dealings of celebrities who work on behalf of animal rights- such as Bob Barker and Mark Zuckerberg- and those who work on other green projects. Similar to celebrity gossip sites, the posts are short and often tongue-in-cheek.

World’s Largest Aquarium Combines Animals and Roller Coasters
by Joan Reddy over 4 years ago
Watch Disneynature’s ‘Bears’ And Help Save National Parks
by Natalia Galbetti over 4 years ago

The Discerning Brute


Joshua Katcher is an environmentalist, vegan, and social justice advocate. His blog is a resource for the sophiticated male who wants to make ethical, informed decisions about his lifestyle. Posts include recipes, fashion tips and eco-news for the gentleman committed to a plant-based diet and lifestyle.

PARSONS hosts “Real Rebels” Fashion Panel
by joshuakatcher over 4 years ago
by joshuakatcher over 4 years ago

Vegan Outreach


This non-profit advocacy site is focused on eradicating cruelty to animals worldwide. Dedicated to delivering the message that vegetarianism is the missing link in the prevention of global warming, Vegan Outreach bloggers post articles, research and news stories aimed at converting everyone to a plant-based diet.

The Vegan Outreach Blog is Moving!
by Vegan Outreach over 3 years ago
Steve at Stern Grove
by Jack Norris, RD almost 4 years ago

Global Bioethics


An awesome blog that deals with ethical matters as they relate to medical and biological research. This is often an area that walks a fine line when it comes to ethical choices.

Watching the retractions
by Stuart Rennie over 2 years ago
Tirage with terrorists
by Stuart Rennie over 2 years ago



This is a very well put together blog concerning hospice. It deals with the basic and advance ethical concerns of caregivers that are providing care and dignity to end of life patients.

Why We Can’t Make Assumptions about Consciousness and Dying
by Lizzy Miles over 2 years ago
Dying to Know: Situating Death Education in Schools
by Pallimed Editor over 2 years ago



This blog is produced by the authors (as well as other contributors) of the popular book "Freakonomics." The topics are not strictly business related, but are related to broader thoughts - almost like a sociological perspective on economics.

Ask Not What Your Podcast Can Do for You
by Stephen J. Dubner and WNYC Studios over 2 years ago
How Can This Possibly Be True?
by Stephen J. Dubner and WNYC Studios over 2 years ago

The Art of Patient Care


The author of the blog makes a lot of sense in his writings (which are many!) concerning the decline in patient care with the rise of technology.

Improve Patient Care


This blog features many writers all with one purpose in mind, to improve patient care on all levels. There are many entries on patient rights, which many people are unaware of.

The Business Ethics Blog


Chris MacDonald is an educator and an ethics consultant. He is straightforward and to-the-point in his blog aimed at business ethics. He is not afraid to point out unethical business practices and share them with his readers.

A true leader would rename the Washington R*dskins right away
by Chris MacDonald about 4 years ago
Anti-Homeless Spikes: Within Your Rights, but Wrong
by Chris MacDonald about 4 years ago

Crane and Matten blog


When it comes to business ethics, Andrew Crane and Dirk Matten have made it their goal in this blog to offer comments and concerns about the various headlines you read about on a daily basis. Very thought-provoking.

What does American Apparel’s bankruptcy mean for responsible business?
by Crane and Matten almost 3 years ago
The Volkswagen diesel deception - 5 key questions
by Crane and Matten almost 3 years ago

Ethics Alarm


Ethic Alarm contains all sorts of everyday ethical issues that come along and Jack Marshall posts them to his blog and comments on them. We enjoyed reading through his entries because he has a way of making you think about an issue from a different perspective.

Anti-Trump Sunday Concludes With An Ethics Quote Of The Day: President Ronald Reagan
by Jack Marshall over 2 years ago
More “Anti-Trump Sunday”… A New Ethics Alarms Feature: “Unethical Donald Trump Quote Of The Day”
by Jack Marshall over 2 years ago

Research Ethics Blog


Dr. Nancy Walton's blog focuses on the ethics of research, which she is unafraid to speak about controversial drugs trials. She touches on everything to do with research and ethics that we think you will enjoy reading.

Bad Behaviour by Pharma, and Unforeseen Consequences
by Chris MacDonald over 3 years ago
Is there a “Right to Try” Experimental Drugs?
by Chris MacDonald over 3 years ago

Legal Ethics Forum


This is a very interesting blog that we think everyone will enjoy as it deals with the ethics in law. The founders and entries on this blog deal with the many ethical practices that are broken in the name of law. Very unique and interesting reading!

The Ethical Quandary


The authors are all lawyers and so they have a unique insight into the ethical side of law. This is an excellent blog for lawyers or those wanting to practice law because it gives you a unique insight into what you need to know about ethics and law.



This site features an ethos to zealously pursue the technology and computer news that has worldwide impact. Most readers here are longtime computer nerds used to intense tech lingo.

Nokia’s Trapster is too far over the freaky line
by Robert Scoble over 4 years ago
Why I got Highlight wrong (and how Bluetooth Low Energy might save it)
by Robert Scoble over 4 years ago

Business Ethics Memo


We enjoyed Julian's blog as he brings to light many of the main ethical complaints that face business men and women all over the world. Very insightful and useful information.

Teaching Business Ethics


This blog is authored by four people and the blog is used as a way to post results on various business ethics. They post results from polls taken to show who may be lacking in the business ethics arena.

Trolley Madness and Student Values Surveys
by Anthony Birch, Ph.D. over 2 years ago
Learning from Kant: A "Student Advisor" Dialogue
by Anthony Birch, Ph.D. almost 3 years ago