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A blog site dedicated not to writings and rants but to actual action to shift our world to a sustainable one by the end of 2014. It is a goal that the blog is actively trying to make a reality.

Do The Green Thing


One of the most surefire ways to save a ton on your energy bill is to incorporate at least a few of the primary tenets that comprise the ideals of the green lifestyle. Do The Green Thing helps you in your process of adopting new and sometimes substantial changes to your living habits. The writing encourages readers to focus on environment-protective, energy-conserving themes as Human Heat, Plug Out, and Walk the Walk.

Brooklyn Green Team


When on a mission to save energy and conserve a little extra cash, it's important to remember that a reduction of energy needs is a reduction of your environmental impact. This blog documents a gaggle of Brooklynites who've absorbed a great deal of the green living style and have applied it to improve their lives, financial and otherwise. New York-based blogs often come off as pretentious and exclusive. The posts and advice you'll glean here can be warmly applied no matter where you live.



The blogger is the Co-Founder and Director of Climate Change Initiatives for the International Youth Council. Overall, this is a great site, covering many different aspects of climate change.

Grid Alternatives Solar Install
by noreply@blogger.com (Esperanza Garcia) over 3 years ago
Honored to receive the Care2 Impact Award
by noreply@blogger.com (Esperanza Garcia) almost 4 years ago

From Ambition to Action


The blogger writes from Hyderabad, India. The blog offers a younger point of view in the fight against climate change with calls to action permeating the site.

Connect | Commit | Create
by Deepti over 4 years ago

Energy Savers Blog


This blog is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy. That national commendation means the tips here on energy-saving are practical and tested.

Energy Saver RSS Subscribers: Update Your Feed Address
almost 3 years ago
Get Ready for Autumn!
almost 3 years ago

Little Green Blog


This little blog is anything but petite when it comes to doling out important advice on conservation. Come here for first-rate inspiration when looking to make an energy change.

4 simple ways to get your body ready for spring
by Mrs Green over 2 years ago
Econscious – sustainable, organic cotton clothing
by Mrs Green over 2 years ago

Dominion's Energy Conservation


There's no reason why your energy bill can't be lowered while the environment's longevity is lengthened. This blog shows you the best of both worlds.

Energy Saving Trust


This British page documents post about post of real-world examples of energy saving in action. Reading this will help you understand that conservation is no joke.

Water innovations – canals to cleaning
by Gary Hartley over 4 years ago
Hydropower meets history
by Gary Hartley over 4 years ago

Go Green


A certain puppet may have once sung of how difficult it was, being green. This blog shows you the attractive side of verdant tones, and the economical benefits as well.

Green L.A. Girl


Hollywood and its starry cars can be seen as wasters of talent and magazine covers, let alone energy. This blog shows a Californian's adaptation to new green habits.

V2 Pro Series 3 Review
by admin almost 4 years ago
V2 pro Series 3
by admin almost 4 years ago

This Green Blog


Saving money and living green carry their perks, but they can prove challenging from time to time. Navigate the difficulties that can arise with this site's counsel.

Making Earth Day Meaningful
by Sheryl about 4 years ago
Making Earth Day Meaningful
by Sheryl about 4 years ago



This blog spotlights the products and procedures designed to help you save energy and save the environment. Come here before making your next green purchase.

The Pros and Cons of Genetically Modified Organisms
by sandramills63 over 4 years ago
Tea Tree Oil Uses: Part II
by green over 4 years ago

Eco Smarty


Even smartypants have to take up Energy Saving 101 from time to time. Efficiency neophytes and scholars alike have a ton to learn here.

Easy Eco Blog


Don't let high energy bills land you in the doldrums daily. Dust off your old efforts and let this blog enact a severe savings change into your monthly bill.

Earth Day – Become more Eco-Friendly and Green
by Norman Fong about 4 years ago
Energy Efficient Dishwashers
by Norman Fong over 4 years ago

The Daily Green


Inject a bit of energy conservation counsel into your every day with this regular blog page. Aficionados of the green lifestyle will sprout a few leaves here in joy.



This blog teaches you how to infuse your shopping habits with the same impetus that started your energy-saving push. Purchase with patience and composure here.

Lighter Foot Step


This blog is one the finest around at fusing energy-saving ideas with the best of the green ethic. Save the environment on the cheap here.

Planet Thoughts


David Alexander has no problem in wanting to shock, surprise and stun the readers on pertinent ecology issues that are happening right under their noses. Discover the real low-down on subject such as global warming and availability of fresh and innovative energy resources.

Green Change


An Australian family living on a semi-rural acre, growing food, raising animals, and generally trying to live more sustainably.

Sad Goat News
by Darren over 3 years ago
Wollongong PCYC Permaculture Community Garden Tour
by Darren almost 4 years ago

Enviro Friendly World


Enviro Friendly World provides News, Views, Tips and Tools to help you live a more sustainable life. Water and energy efficiency information, renewable energy news and environmentally-friendly products feature strongly.

Sustainable Suburbia


Sustainable Surburbia is about trying to live more sustainably in suburban and urban environments. That can mean anything from installing solar power, to planting fruit trees or raising your own free-range chickens, to making your own clothes, to reducing your general consumption, engaging with your local community, and joining a LETS program or your local food co-op.

Holly’s Homemade Dog Food
by Kirsten about 4 years ago
Grilled Polenta with Oven-roasted Balsamic Tomatoes and a Rocket Salad
by Kirsten about 4 years ago