Energy Conservation: DOE


The Department of Energy has thankfully taken to the blogosphere to shed more light on its ethics and platform. What's more, at least every other post advises readers on the latest and most effective ways to economize on their energy spending while supporting the environment. The blog tends to move state by state, with each post focusing on a particular area's energy concerns and projects. Reading this site is a great way to remain informed and conscious about the national energy dialogue.

Photo of the Week: Sandia's Centrifuge Test Complex
by Sarah Gerrity about 4 years ago
Photo of the Week: LBNL Takes Over @Energy's Instagram!
by Sarah Gerrity about 4 years ago

UK Energy Saving


Britons can look here for energy advice tailored to the isles. But savvy Americans can also come to this page for counsel that's a bit quirkier than what's found stateside.

New Green Deal funding round
by Hayley Jones over 3 years ago
The Man in Seat 61 - February's Energy Watch Profile
by Hayley Jones over 3 years ago

Lower My Energy Bill


Energy saving is incredibly attractive, but substantial life changes are sometimes needed to make a big difference. Begin those changes with this page's warm advice.

Small things make a difference
over 4 years ago
Contribute to Energy Savings
over 4 years ago

Energy Conservation Awareness


Many people aren't even clear on the reality of energy saving potential for their household. This blog lends clarity and excitement to the idea of saving.

Saving Energy


This blog's posts regularly feature important and helpful tips on ways you can improve your energy efficiency. Recent posts address energy audits and utility costs.

Five Percent


The 5% of this blog's title refers to the amount of energy you can conserve with a minimum of effort. Visit this blog often to pick up one easy tip after another.

Spark Energy


Just like great ideas feel like a light bulb switched on, strong energy saving plans are launched with small yet sizable actions. Get started with the right move here.

Saving Money by Keeping Your Furnace Filters Clean
over 4 years ago
Texas Wounded Vet to Recieve New Home, Year of Free Electricity
over 4 years ago

Alternative Consumer


From foods, to furniture, to fashion, this website poses consumer suggestions to improve (or start) your green living endeavors. Check out the many products offered.

Outdoor Furniture: Eucalyptus – A New Type of Wood
by Sheila Thomas over 3 years ago
Sustainable Restaurants on the Rise
by Zach over 3 years ago



This blogger urges us to take take the environment more seriously. Within a few visits to this site, we know you'll be taking your first footsteps toward a lifestyle that is better for yourself and the environment.



At this blog, you'll be able to find practical solutions to sustainability. There's really no reason to uproot your entire lifestyle in order to protect the environment. Simple changes in your daily routine can make a world of a difference for the world.

Custom Snowboards Made from “Right in Our Back Yard” Wood: Empire Grown
by Important Media Cross-Post over 4 years ago
How to Build a Wind Turbine for $30
by Jeff McIntire-Strasburg over 4 years ago

Mindful Momma


When you are at the store with your child and his or her back-to-school list, does it ever occur to you to make green purchases? Especially if your answer to the previous question was "no," you should visit this site to pick up some tips from this extremely mindful momma.

Top Ways to Air Out Your Home For Spring #HealthierHome
by Micaela about 4 years ago
Give the Gift of Yuzen for Mother’s Day {Giveaway!}
by Micaela about 4 years ago



Any green product has to pass a incredibly difficult test before it can be recommended by this blog. Only when a product is easy to use, effective at completing its assigned task, reasonably priced, eco-effective, non-toxic, and consisting of a universal design, will it be recommended. Unsurprisingly, there are not many products that make the cut. However, you'll save yourself a lot of time by checking out what MetaEfficient has to offer.

The Best Rechargeable Batteries and Chargers Of 2014
by Justin Thomas over 4 years ago
Bidet Seats: More Efficient Than Toilet Paper
by Justin Thomas over 4 years ago



The group of writers for this blog share the same goal of getting you to make lifestyle changes that better the environment. Don't worry about being intimidated by what you read because the writing is both personal and informal.

Great Green Goods


This blog has a lighter tone than some of the other blogs on our list. It is all about shopping! The blog advises you on how to live green by altering your current shopping habits and also provides suggestions for recycled or sustainable goods on the market.

Recycled Bicycle Window Art
by green over 3 years ago
Congratulations are in order!
by green almost 4 years ago

Chris Baskind


You don't have to become a monk to live minimally. This blog will show you that sustainable living is well within your reach.

Original Skin demo
by chris almost 4 years ago

Makono's Ecohub


Our life in this existing planet greatly depend on the nature, sustainable nature means sustainable living, so we have the role to conserve, preserve and protect the nature for our survival, let's give a hand to achieve the greener tomorrow..and make world the better place for living.

My Blog is Back in New URL: Now for Environmental Issues Plus Shows About Youths Struggles and Success Stories.
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Hello, Again here am i.
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