Environmental Law and Litigation


The author of the Environmental Law and Litigation blog is a leader for women interested in the intersection of law and business. This blog offers information about a variety of legal issues affecting businesses of all size.

Development Charges Act: funding for transit and recycling
by Paula Boutis over 2 years ago
Significant changes to Planning Act coming
by Paula Boutis over 2 years ago

Environmental Issues in the Transportation Sector


Environmental law is the focus of this blog. Legal concerns posed by environmental issues are the main stories here.

Climate Change Attorney Blog


With a New York slant, the blog offers regulations and litigation sections for the reader. On top of this, the blog offers national and worldwide news coverage on a wide ranging list of topics.

House of Representatives Votes to Bar Defense Spending on Impacts of Climate Change
about 4 years ago
Government Releases Climate Change Viewer
about 4 years ago

Renewable Energy Law Blog


As renewable energy becomes a more viable opportunity, this blog tracks how the law has adjusted to monitor it. The legal talk here is comprehensive yet always clear.

Becker's Environmental Law Update


Environmental politics and innovations are covered in Becker's blog. He is an Environmental Law Attorney from Iowa who analyzes case law as it pertains to the environment.