Hazeltree Farm


The blogger shares the journey of moving to a farm away from the big city. It is a blog dedicated to helping other make the world a greener place.

Greening of Gavin


This blog is written by a man who has come to embrace a green and healthy lifestyle. For him, it is about reducing the carbon footprint and improving the lives of our children for decades to come.

TGoG Podcast 058 – Listener Mailbag
by Gavin Webber about 4 years ago
The Great Mushroom Experiment
by Gavin Webber about 4 years ago

Eight Acres


Farmer Liz lives on a small (eigth acres) farm in Nanango, near Brisbane, in Queensland, Australia. The blog is about the things that Farmer Liz and her husband do to develop a self-sufficient lifestyle on their property. This includes raising steers for beef, chickens for meat and eggs and a dairy cow for milk and cheese-making. They also have a huge organic garden. Farmer Liz believes in eating real good food, with no additives, and knowing exactly where it came from. As a chemical engineer, Farmer Liz is able to explain some of the science behind the food production, animal husbandry and land management practices, while her boilermaker husband builds all sorts of clever gadgets to make life a little easier. They are both still learning and enjoy sharing what has worked well (and what hasn't) as well as hearing about readers' experiences too.

Managing hydroponics
by Farmer Liz over 2 years ago
Neem oil soap and salve
by Farmer Liz over 2 years ago

A Full Monte Life


The trials and tribulations of owning and operating an off-grid, clothing optional, eco-campsite and eco project in Montenegro.

February in Review
by fullmonte over 4 years ago
January in Review
by fullmonte over 4 years ago

In Meg's Garden


A blog about gardening, recycling, the environment, craft, sustainability, ideas, inspiration, bush regeneration, guerilla gardening....

The Cupcake Bandits


Christine Mack shares her personal journey into green, sustainable living. Also includes recipes, gardening, homesteading, Autism Awareness, Plus Size Fashion, and Product Endorsements.

My Air Matters


My Air Matters offers practical tips for living green in easy to digest bites of info. See how others incorporate green living into their daily lives bit by bit and don't let 'going green' become a daunting task.

Abdallah House


Using permaculture ethics and design principles to transform an old energy guzzling bungalow into a showcase of sustainable design. It's about energy cycling, building community, self-reliance, creatively using and reusing materials... all without spending heaps of money.

Water collection audit - 2015
by noreply@blogger.com (Richard Telford) over 2 years ago
House and Garden Tour - 21st November
by noreply@blogger.com (Richard Telford) over 2 years ago



Why Greenspired? The fruit of rethinking new ways of benefiting mankind. This not just about buying ‘green’ products or walking around with canvass bags. It’s determining the impacts of our activities and choices and actively participating in rebuilding our ecosystem. Unlike doomsday environmentalists, I actually envision hope and progress.

by Samantha Isabel over 3 years ago
HCMC — City Tour on Foot
by Samantha Isabel over 3 years ago

Solamon Alternative Energy


Lagos (WorldStage Newsonline)-- A Lagos High Court in Ikeja on Friday rejected the requests of Mahmud Tukur, son of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) National Chairman, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur and Abdullahi Alao, son of Ibadan based businessman, Alhaji Abdulazeez Arisekola-Alao, for a leave to travel abroad while their trial over alleged fraud in fuel subsidy collection is ongoing. Justice Lateefat Folami, a vacation judge, told the accused persons including Felix Ochonogor, who are directors of one of the oil companies indicated for oil subsidy scam, Oil Marketing and Trading Companies (OM&Ts) to wait until their trial judge, Justice Adeniyi Onigbanjo resume from his annual vacation to hear the application. The judge while ruling on the application by the trio seeking the permission of her court to travel abroad for Hajj and business trip that she cannot overrule the earlier order granted by the trial courts which adjourned the matter till November 13, 2012. According to Justice Folami, she cannot grant their application to travel outside the country, since Justice Adeniyi Onigbanjo, who ordered the seizure of their travelling documents did so to ensure that they appear for their trial on the fixed dates. The court also held that allowing them to travel for Hajj rites which would begin in October will clash with the November dates earlier fixed for trial by the trial Judge and that the dates allegedly meant for their business trip abroad had been overtaken by event. The accused persons who were arraigned in July by the Economic and Crimes Commission (EFCC) before Justice Adeniyi Onigbanjo over their alleged roles in the Petroleum Support Fund (PSF) fraud were specifically accused of conspiracy, obtaining money under false pretence, forgery and use of false documents. In their Motion on Notice dated August 14, 2012 before the vacation Judge, the applicants had through their counsel, Olaniran Obele said they need to travel to Paris and London for a business trip. Specifically, Mahmud, the first applicant wants to travel abroad to attend a board and committee meetings of which he is a director and also intend to perform this year's Hajj. Ochonogor, the second applicant also want to travel to Paris to enable him attend a bond holder meeting which should have hold last month but was rescheduled to August 27 to enable him attend and explain his present situation before the board. In their application, they tendered three exhibits comprising Notices of Meetings which they intend to attend both in London and Paris. Their lawyer had argued before. Justice Folami that the applicants will not abscond should their application be granted, adding that the first applicant's father who is PDP Chairman stood surety for him and he would not want to jeopardise that. "The second applicant was abroad when they were charged and was called by the first applicant and he came back for his arraignment voluntarily. "When they were granted administrative bail, the second defendant traveled to Ukraine and did not abscond but came back for his arraignment", he said. However, opposing the application, EFCC counsel, Rotimi Oyedepo told the court that Justice Onigbanjo's order asking the applicants to drop their International Passport has not been reviewed. He said there was nothing in the exhibits tendered by the applicants that showed or suggesting to show that the meeting to be attended by the second applicant has been rescheduled.

the rented spade


The fact - renting shouldn't stop you gardening. Here you'll find gardening stories from other renters and inspired ideas on free and cheap food growing. Sign up to weekly posts and get your green thumb on.

Finding the plot
by The Rented Spade about 4 years ago
Beware the resentful chilli buyer
by The Rented Spade over 4 years ago

Sustainable and Fashionable


I like to add a bit of ecology in my life whenever it is possible. I think that there are so many possibilities and new technologies that can help the environment so we should have a go and embrace it!

Tap That


Would you Tap That? We are a group trying to ban the the commercial sale of bottled water at UNSW, while delving into the different impacts, alternative solutions, areas of recycling that bottled water entails.

The Greening Of Westford


Go green with REAL tips you can use locally. The Greening Of Westford is a practical guide to going green filled with tips, tricks and information that will save you money, time aggravation or all three!

Making Sense of the Massachusetts Bottle Bill
by Kristina over 3 years ago
All The Cool Kids Pack Waste-Free Lunches: Wild Mint Shop {Review and Giveaway}
by Kristina almost 4 years ago

Green Electricity Blog


A group of green energy enthusiasts based in Glasgow, Scotland.

A Green(ish) Life


Combining permaculture, serious crafty skills and a deeply instilled sense of wonder to lead as green(ish) a life as possible!