No Impact Man


This blog chronicles one man’s efforts to minimize his impact on the environment in New York City, of all places. The No Impact Project was started a few years ago to engage boatloads of people in environmentalism.

BOLO DE CREPE (receita sabor Prestígio)
by Gabriela Rossi over 2 years ago
Moda: Piquenique, cerejas e doces nas passarelas da NYFW
by Gabriela Rossi over 2 years ago

Environmental Action


After years of watching environmental abuses go unpunished in the United States, a group of dedicated citizens formed Environmental Action and made significant strides, such as getting the Clean Air Act, the Endangered Species Act, and the Clean Water Act passed. Today, there are still a significant amount of environmental abuses taking place, but Environmental Action is still fighting back. Visit this blog to see what members are doing and possibly get involved yourself.

How Walmart spent Earth Day (updated)
by Jesse Bacon about 4 years ago
How Walmart spent Earth Day
by Jesse Bacon about 4 years ago



Is an Ecoplatform aimed to gather and share the Cultural and Technical status of the Eartheans in terms of Science for built or strengthen the Eco Culture on The Planet

Re-Nuble Blog


Re-Nuble’s mission is to responsibly manage limited, local resources at minimal cost to the environment. By recycling organic waste into all-natural fertilizer and green energy, the company hopes to replace society’s current linear model of waste with a closed, sustainable loop.

The DefenderPad Blog


Blog on negative health effects of prolonged use of laptop computers and other portables like tablets and how to minimize or eliminate it. Defenderpad protects from all kinds of electromagnetic radiations generated from laptops, thus securing from possible health issues like fertility problems, DNA fragmentation and skin burns from occurring.