Earthwise Gardening - Sustainable Organic Gardening


Earthwise Gardening is about organic gardening and sustainable living, ranging from keeping poultry, raising seeds, organic pest control, crop rotation, habitat for beneficial insects and recipes to use the garden harvest

Green Electricity Blog


A group of green energy enthusiasts based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Sustainable Business Toolkit


The Sustainable Business Toolkit is a hub for news, tips and advice on all things sustainable business. Founded in 2011, the SBT site is fast becoming the no.1 green business blog. Our mission is to provide high quality, thought-provoking and practical articles on sustainable business.

Waste Not Want Not: Reduce Business Waste
by Milla Basmakova-Nielsen over 2 years ago
Where is this fat squirrel photo frenzy coming from?
by Alexia Karageorgis over 2 years ago

the unprocess


From food to fashion and everything in between, the unprocess is a documentary of how to live an unprocessed lifestyle. With unique DIY's, unprocessed recipes, and great vintage and eco-friendly designers, there is a little something fun for everyone.

Water Saving Ideas


Simple, easy-to-accomplish tips for conserving water and preventing waste in your day-to-day life, from home plumbing tips to dietary suggestions.

Bellbirds & Pea Shoots


Finding life's balance by living simpler, growing our own food, consuming less, giving more, seeking nature, making what we need and celebrating what we have. An eco-living journey by Michelle.

Visit to a blueberry and garlic farm: Bob's Farm Berries
by Michelle about 3 years ago
Open Garden: Our Permaculture Backyard
by Michelle about 3 years ago

A Green(ish) Life


Combining permaculture, serious crafty skills and a deeply instilled sense of wonder to lead as green(ish) a life as possible!

Great American Vegan


Bravely blogging the world of environmental, green-friendly and vegan issues from one little laptop computer.

Green & Clean Energy


Conserve Energy Future contains articles related to green and clean energy. It provides information related to solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, global warming and recycling. The site aims at providing users with the information related to renewable energy sources.

Smart & Simple Ways To Reduce Your Energy Consumption At Home
by Rinkesh over 2 years ago
What is Organic Farming? What is the Need and Key Features of Organic Farming
by Rinkesh over 2 years ago

questions about solar products


We have a blog to answer the intriguing questions customers ask about portable solar products

Home Insulation


The latest news regarding all of the developments in the home insulation and renewable energy industry, plus tips from experts.



Encouraging you to calculate & reduce carbon emissions from your daily life, and offering the option of offsetting emissions that you can't reduce on your own. Blogs provide information to help readers keep tomorrow clean.

Roots 'n' Shoots


Dabbling in the art of sustainable gardening. Growing of fruits, vegetables and herbs - using sustainable methods such as composting, chicken keeping and beneficial insect support to boost my gardening endeavours. Sharing what I learn and enjoying the process!

Ecology Matters


Ecology Matters focuses on pressing environmental issues, particularly climate change, environmental health, sustainability, food/water security, and biodiversity conservation.

The EarthKeeper


“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” - Albert Einstein Dear EarthKeeper, Please take a moment to read and reflect on this important message. I am writing this blog because I treasure our humanity; I honor your gift and contribution to the earth. Innovation over the past two decades, by any measure, has been rapid and profound. Technology and connectivity are affecting all facets of life on earth. Humanity has set off on a new and exciting path. And it’s only just begun! The power of computing has created mind-boggling productivity and efficiencies. The human bio-computer is being explored and understood in ways never imagined. We have begun a new era of human innovation. What has occurred with technological innovation may very well pale in comparison to human innovation. I am pleased to announce that I will be posting three weekly blogs at www.earthkeepermovement.org. “Daily Earth” where human innovation meets the creative power of nature, intends to shatter century old myths about human potential. It will explore our primal and primordial nature. I will push the edge of ecology and the coming revolution of human innovation. If your bio computer could use an upgrade, than this blog is for you. Are you interested in rewriting and reprogramming the software that controls how you eat, exercise and relate to the world? “Daily Earth” will delve deep into the inner and outer environment. It will explore the animate world around us and shed light on the unknown inner world of the human psyche. I intend to share the knowledge and wisdom, the highs and lows, that I experienced in the natural world. Together we can reclaim nature’s forgotten gift. I hope you will join me in getting a daily dose of earth. It may just change your life forever! -Adam

The DefenderPad Blog


Blog on negative health effects of prolonged use of laptop computers and other portables like tablets and how to minimize or eliminate it. Defenderpad protects from all kinds of electromagnetic radiations generated from laptops, thus securing from possible health issues like fertility problems, DNA fragmentation and skin burns from occurring.

Water Treatment Australia


At Cogent Environmental Solutions, we have professionals who are specialized in the field of the internal environment and water treatment services in Australia, to purify the atmosphere and provides a clean and healthy environment. To get water treatment Australia services, visit to our website.