Climate Ethics


As part of the Rock Ethics Institute at Pennsylvania State University, this blog provides commentary on the intersection between the political sector and the environment. Visit this blog, and you'll be sure to become ethically enlightened.



This blog is maintained by an aspiring climatologist who began writing at just 16 years old. With this blog, she's hoping to spread accurate information on climate change.

The Arctic Has Barfed
by climatesight over 4 years ago
The Blue Mountains, Then and Now
by climatesight over 4 years ago

Council on Environmental Quality


Coming straight from Washington, D.C., the heart of the United States, the Council on Environmental Quality works to develop effective environmental policies and initiatives. As one of the White House blogs, you can rest assured that this blog is official.

Here’s What They're Saying About President Obama’s Clean Power Plan:
by Dan Utech, Rohan Patel almost 3 years ago
Climate Change is a National Security Issue
by Robert Diamond almost 3 years ago



This blogger urges us to take take the environment more seriously. Within a few visits to this site, we know you'll be taking your first footsteps toward a lifestyle that is better for yourself and the environment.



Because people's health is drastically affected by the environment, attention should be paid to the food, water, and air to ensure that people are neither harming or being harmed by the environment. This blog keeps you up-to-date on environmental developments that concern public health.

Environmental and Urban Economics


The author of this blog is a professor at UCLA who holds an interest in economics. On this blog, you'll find his thoughts on environmental and urban issues, which are, inevitably, from an economic perspective.

Market Access and the Rise of Positive Assortment in Urban Marriage Markets
by Matthew Kahn over 2 years ago
Does Facebook Cause (Meta) World Peace?
by Matthew Kahn over 2 years ago

Environmental Crimes Blog


If you have a taste for legal matters, you should definitely visit this blog. Here, you'll find detailed descriptions of environmental crimes and their enforcement (or lack thereof).

ALI CLE Criminal Enforcement of Environmental Crimes Conference
by Walter James over 4 years ago
Local Fort Worth Company Investigated
by Walter James over 4 years ago

Environmental Justice Blog


The next State of Environmental Justice In America 2012 Conference will be held in the nation's capital in May 2012. This blog addresses issues that will be at the forefront of discussion.

EJ 2020 Action Agenda
by noreply@blogger.com (E J B) over 3 years ago
NEJAC Earth Day Teleconference
by noreply@blogger.com (E J B) over 3 years ago

The Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media


Policymakers, scientists, journalists, and the public equally contribute to the success of this climate-focused blog. This forum is open to unique and intelligent conversations that will hopefully get people to start making some changes.

Today’s Solar Power ‘Revolution’: Powerful Insights from Energy Experts
by admin about 4 years ago
Neighbors Helping Neighbors to Pay Costs for Solar
by Sara Peach about 4 years ago

The Oil Drum


One of the main goals of this blog is to make the public aware that we are incredibly reliant on energy, but that its sources are diminishing. Energy has a profound role in society, and these bloggers are working to ensure that people are filled in.

The Oil Drum writers: Where are they now?
by Euan Mearns almost 5 years ago
The Last Post
by Euan Mearns almost 5 years ago



At this blog, you'll be able to find practical solutions to sustainability. There's really no reason to uproot your entire lifestyle in order to protect the environment. Simple changes in your daily routine can make a world of a difference for the world.

Custom Snowboards Made from “Right in Our Back Yard” Wood: Empire Grown
by Important Media Cross-Post over 4 years ago
How to Build a Wind Turbine for $30
by Jeff McIntire-Strasburg over 4 years ago

SolveClimate News


For the latest headlines surrounding our collective mother's climate, this blog should be one of the first places you look. SolveClimate News features original reports, media clips, and articles that will greatly expand your knowledge.

The Fracking Industry Faces Its Climate Demon: Methane
over 4 years ago
Compensation Battle Rages Four Years After BP Spill
over 4 years ago



This website is maintained by a handful of climate scientists. Any suggestions on the focus of the blog? That's right, climate science. Get clued in on developing stories regarding the climate at this site.

Millennia of sea-level change
by stefan over 2 years ago
What is the best description of the greenhouse effect?
by rasmus over 2 years ago

R Squared Energy Blog


On this blog, you'll be able to follow intelligent discussions on energy and environmental issues. Inform yourself on a range of topics, like how declining oil prices is actually a sign of trouble.

Ecosystem Restoration Takes Precedence Over Renewable Energy Projects
by Russ Finley over 2 years ago
A Critical Review of the 2015 Energy Balance for Corn Ethanol
by Robert Rapier over 2 years ago

Mindful Momma


When you are at the store with your child and his or her back-to-school list, does it ever occur to you to make green purchases? Especially if your answer to the previous question was "no," you should visit this site to pick up some tips from this extremely mindful momma.

Top Ways to Air Out Your Home For Spring #HealthierHome
by Micaela about 4 years ago
Give the Gift of Yuzen for Mother’s Day {Giveaway!}
by Micaela about 4 years ago



Any green product has to pass a incredibly difficult test before it can be recommended by this blog. Only when a product is easy to use, effective at completing its assigned task, reasonably priced, eco-effective, non-toxic, and consisting of a universal design, will it be recommended. Unsurprisingly, there are not many products that make the cut. However, you'll save yourself a lot of time by checking out what MetaEfficient has to offer.

The Best Rechargeable Batteries and Chargers Of 2014
by Justin Thomas over 4 years ago
Bidet Seats: More Efficient Than Toilet Paper
by Justin Thomas over 4 years ago



At this blog, you'll find both national and international news about people promoting sustainability. If you decide to visit this site, it'll be a challenge for you not to become inspired to live more self-sufficiently and with the environment as one of your top priorities.



The group of writers for this blog share the same goal of getting you to make lifestyle changes that better the environment. Don't worry about being intimidated by what you read because the writing is both personal and informal.

GreenHouse Gas


To receive information about recent scientific publications concerning greenhouse gases and news about the status of our atmosphere, this blog is perfect. The information posted on this website is collected from none other than the most reliable academic and professional sources.

Great Green Goods


This blog has a lighter tone than some of the other blogs on our list. It is all about shopping! The blog advises you on how to live green by altering your current shopping habits and also provides suggestions for recycled or sustainable goods on the market.

Recycled Bicycle Window Art
by green over 3 years ago
Congratulations are in order!
by green almost 4 years ago

Chris Baskind


You don't have to become a monk to live minimally. This blog will show you that sustainable living is well within your reach.

Original Skin demo
by chris almost 4 years ago

Environmental Economics


Both of the people who maintain this blog are experienced economists who provide their expert opinions and analyses of the environment and natural resources. On this blog, you'll frequently find economics concepts like "supply and demand" applied to environmental events.

Friday beer post: time to get your glyphosate on
by John Whitehead over 2 years ago
E) Please forgive, I'm an idiot
by John Whitehead over 2 years ago