This blog teaches you how to infuse your shopping habits with the same impetus that started your energy-saving push. Purchase with patience and composure here.

Lighter Foot Step


This blog is one the finest around at fusing energy-saving ideas with the best of the green ethic. Save the environment on the cheap here.

Bright Green Blog


The Bright Green Blog offers green engineering solutions for our world. This blog covers the environmental engineering aspect and does so with news, ideas, opinions, and much, much more.

Environmental Engineering Diary


The blogger offers an green blog that covers environmental issues, cases, environmental engineering, and courses.

Green Engineering


Blogger John Dodge has been a journalist for over 30 years. His blog all the environmental engineering topics one would need to know if they were in the biz.



The Greenbuild International Conference and Expo posts a blog dedicated to green building. The site has quite a bit of information and would be interesting for environmental engineering professionals.

Sustainable Food


This blog captures the growing movement for the production of sustainable food in America. The greening of American cuisine is also a major blogging point here.

Child Obesity in America


This blog chronicles the latest state in the epidemic crisis of American overweight children. Parents suffering from this issue can find advice on exercise and healthy eating.

Oct 7, the fat girl
almost 5 years ago

Planet Thoughts


David Alexander has no problem in wanting to shock, surprise and stun the readers on pertinent ecology issues that are happening right under their noses. Discover the real low-down on subject such as global warming and availability of fresh and innovative energy resources.

Scotland's Renewable Energy


Scotland is at the beginning of an exciting time, facing the sorts of challenges not seen since oil was first discovered in the forbidding waters of the North Sea off Aberdeen. The prize is energy this time as well - clean, green energy in vast quantities that could make Scotland the renewables powerhouse of Europe. Before we get there though there are huge challenges to be faced - technical, environmental and social. This blog exists to chronicle the progress of this vast endeavour without fear or favour, recording the triumphs and the failures as they occur.

Aquamarine Power’s Response to the CBI Stance on Independence
by admin over 4 years ago
Official launch of the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult
by admin over 4 years ago

Renewable Energy World


This site undoubtedly ranks as one of the web's premier sources for renewable energy news and headlines, its coverage always appearing at up-to-the-minute speeds. You could argue that the green movement's ever-larger profile is encouraging larger publications to also reference important renewable news. Even despite green's popularity, REW still ranks as a must-read blog for alternative energy aficionados for its team of expert's impressively informed and opinionated commentary on what needs to be done.

The Price of Oil


At the crux of any discussion revolving around renewable energy is oil. Naysayers believe that petrol is the primary cause of global warming, yet reactionaries retort with claims that zealous "greenies" embellish statistics regarding the energy source with defenseless hyperbole. Though Price of Oil unmistakably sides with those who have a bone to pick with fossil fuels, the site excellently backs up its claims in a manner that even haters have to concede constitutes fact.

For Big Oil to Survive “It Needs a Fundamental Rethink”
by Andy Rowell over 2 years ago
Outrage Over Peru Oil Spills: “It’s a crime that has no forgiveness”
by Andy Rowell over 2 years ago

Get Solar


Solar energy, one of this most publicized renewable energy sources, has its movement's every move tracked here. It also shows how the gov't is slowly embracing its sunny power.



The latest in gadgets, technology and arts that align with the renewable energy movement is presented to readers here. Zero-emission ATVs and wind turbines are recent features.



Readers seeking fresh and unique analysis on what's happening with renewable energy worldwide find satisfaction here. Green-focused webinars also appear on the site regularly.



Each post readers find here challenge them to get up and take aggressive action to incorporate renewable energy into their community. The site also spotlights noteworthy green projects worldwide.

Renewable Energy


International headlines on what's new in renewable energy's impact appear here nearly daily. The influence on politics on the green movement is a common topic.

No Impact Man


This blog chronicles one man’s efforts to minimize his impact on the environment in New York City, of all places. The No Impact Project was started a few years ago to engage boatloads of people in environmentalism.

BOLO DE CREPE (receita sabor Prestígio)
by Gabriela Rossi over 2 years ago
Moda: Piquenique, cerejas e doces nas passarelas da NYFW
by Gabriela Rossi over 2 years ago

Environmental Action


After years of watching environmental abuses go unpunished in the United States, a group of dedicated citizens formed Environmental Action and made significant strides, such as getting the Clean Air Act, the Endangered Species Act, and the Clean Water Act passed. Today, there are still a significant amount of environmental abuses taking place, but Environmental Action is still fighting back. Visit this blog to see what members are doing and possibly get involved yourself.

How Walmart spent Earth Day (updated)
by Jesse Bacon about 4 years ago
How Walmart spent Earth Day
by Jesse Bacon about 4 years ago

Accu Weather.com- Global Climate Change


Interested in learning about the latest findings concerning global warming? Want to familiarize yourself with the concept of global cooling? Find the latest research and expert commentary on these subjects at this blog.

Dr. James Hansen vs. Senator Ron Johnson
about 4 years ago
Parts of Antarctica once had a Climate similar to Coastal California
about 4 years ago

Alternative Consumer


From foods, to furniture, to fashion, this website poses consumer suggestions to improve (or start) your green living endeavors. Check out the many products offered.

Outdoor Furniture: Eucalyptus – A New Type of Wood
by Sheila Thomas over 3 years ago
Sustainable Restaurants on the Rise
by Zach over 3 years ago

Carbon Commentary


By educating the public about relevant issues, this blog hopes to move the world toward a low-carbon economy. Read what Chris Goodall, the author of Ten Technologies to Save the Planet, has to say on the matter.

E.ON ignores the DECC agreement to allow local individuals to invest in wind farms
by Chris Goodall about 4 years ago
The biggest proposed tidal energy project yet. In China, of course.
by Chris Goodall about 4 years ago



CICERO, or the Center for International Climate and Environmental Research, aims to provide the public with knowledge of climate change developments. Climate change may be one of the greatest threats facing the human population, but it is one that often goes ignored. Visit this blog to educate yourself.

CICERO's 25th anniversary
about 3 years ago
CICERO's 25th anniversary
about 3 years ago