Climate Change Attorney Blog


With a New York slant, the blog offers regulations and litigation sections for the reader. On top of this, the blog offers national and worldwide news coverage on a wide ranging list of topics.

House of Representatives Votes to Bar Defense Spending on Impacts of Climate Change
about 4 years ago
Government Releases Climate Change Viewer
about 4 years ago

Climate Change and Carbon Management Blog


Greenhouse gas emissions are the focal point of this intriguing and educational blog. It is written by lawyers using to the point and solid writing to cover a variety of topics within gas emissions.

Supreme Court To Consider EPA’s Regulation of Greenhouse Gases
over 4 years ago
President Orders Tighter Fuel Standards for Trucks
over 4 years ago

Climate Change Insights


The blog discusses analyzes policy in climate change law. Renewable energy and green building are some of the topics broached.

Renewable Energy Law Blog


As renewable energy becomes a more viable opportunity, this blog tracks how the law has adjusted to monitor it. The legal talk here is comprehensive yet always clear.

Becker's Environmental Law Update


Environmental politics and innovations are covered in Becker's blog. He is an Environmental Law Attorney from Iowa who analyzes case law as it pertains to the environment.



With tips, trends and technology, Hank Green tests us on our ecological standing with both a touch of firmness and a touch of wit as he pulls us into his blog, ecogeek.org and then shoots straight from the hip with a no nonsense allowance for a better, greener Earth.

Navy Demonstrates Fuel From Seawater Production
about 4 years ago
Ontario Completely Off Coal
over 4 years ago

Energy Savers Blog


This blog is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy. That national commendation means the tips here on energy-saving are practical and tested.

Energy Saver RSS Subscribers: Update Your Feed Address
almost 3 years ago
Get Ready for Autumn!
almost 3 years ago

Little Green Blog


This little blog is anything but petite when it comes to doling out important advice on conservation. Come here for first-rate inspiration when looking to make an energy change.

4 simple ways to get your body ready for spring
by Mrs Green over 2 years ago
Econscious – sustainable, organic cotton clothing
by Mrs Green over 2 years ago

UK Energy Saving


Britons can look here for energy advice tailored to the isles. But savvy Americans can also come to this page for counsel that's a bit quirkier than what's found stateside.

New Green Deal funding round
by Hayley Jones over 3 years ago
The Man in Seat 61 - February's Energy Watch Profile
by Hayley Jones over 3 years ago

Lower My Energy Bill


Energy saving is incredibly attractive, but substantial life changes are sometimes needed to make a big difference. Begin those changes with this page's warm advice.

Small things make a difference
over 4 years ago
Contribute to Energy Savings
over 4 years ago

Dominion's Energy Conservation


There's no reason why your energy bill can't be lowered while the environment's longevity is lengthened. This blog shows you the best of both worlds.

Energy Conservation Awareness


Many people aren't even clear on the reality of energy saving potential for their household. This blog lends clarity and excitement to the idea of saving.

Alternative Energy


An unusually caring team of environmentally-minded writers compose this site to relate renewable news to those unfamiliar with the green movement. Thailand and Australia's plans has recently been assessed here.

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Blogs Tips for The Average Joe
by Tom Z. over 2 years ago