Environmental Law and Litigation


The author of the Environmental Law and Litigation blog is a leader for women interested in the intersection of law and business. This blog offers information about a variety of legal issues affecting businesses of all size.

Development Charges Act: funding for transit and recycling
by Paula Boutis over 2 years ago
Significant changes to Planning Act coming
by Paula Boutis over 2 years ago

Four Years. GO


A blog site dedicated not to writings and rants but to actual action to shift our world to a sustainable one by the end of 2014. It is a goal that the blog is actively trying to make a reality.

It's Our World: The EPA's Blog About Our World


The EPA reaches out to the populace with this insightful and knowledge-packed page. Energy saving, environmental legislation, and much more appear here regularly.

Earth Month Tip: Change Five Lights
by bteam over 4 years ago
Missoula Sawmill Site: Ready for Reuse
by bteam over 4 years ago

Connected Urban Development


This blog believes that our communities and their composition have an important effect on the environment. That connection makes for enlightening reading here.

Green Building Law Update


As the world continues to fall more in love with green, governments are taking care to keep new construction projects effective and safe. Learn how green gets balanced with efficiency here.

TSCA on the Cusp of being Overhauled by Congress
by Stuart Kaplow over 2 years ago
USGBC Certifying Green Parking Garages Déjà Vu
by Stuart Kaplow over 2 years ago

Energy Conservation: DOE


The Department of Energy has thankfully taken to the blogosphere to shed more light on its ethics and platform. What's more, at least every other post advises readers on the latest and most effective ways to economize on their energy spending while supporting the environment. The blog tends to move state by state, with each post focusing on a particular area's energy concerns and projects. Reading this site is a great way to remain informed and conscious about the national energy dialogue.

Photo of the Week: Sandia's Centrifuge Test Complex
by Sarah Gerrity about 4 years ago
Photo of the Week: LBNL Takes Over @Energy's Instagram!
by Sarah Gerrity about 4 years ago

Green Blog


Saving money on energy bills and such should be seen really as a benefit of a lifestyle that values and appreciates what the environment offers. The Green Blog excellently provides a sense of perspective and understanding about the relationship between consumers and the regulations that monitor and govern their surroundings. There is also a noticeable push here to shed light on the pros of ecosocialism and to motivate readers to fight CO2 emissisions near them.

Costa Rica is now running on 100 percent renewable energy
over 3 years ago
UN warns the world could face a catastrophic global water crisis by 2030
over 3 years ago

Do The Green Thing


One of the most surefire ways to save a ton on your energy bill is to incorporate at least a few of the primary tenets that comprise the ideals of the green lifestyle. Do The Green Thing helps you in your process of adopting new and sometimes substantial changes to your living habits. The writing encourages readers to focus on environment-protective, energy-conserving themes as Human Heat, Plug Out, and Walk the Walk.

Brooklyn Green Team


When on a mission to save energy and conserve a little extra cash, it's important to remember that a reduction of energy needs is a reduction of your environmental impact. This blog documents a gaggle of Brooklynites who've absorbed a great deal of the green living style and have applied it to improve their lives, financial and otherwise. New York-based blogs often come off as pretentious and exclusive. The posts and advice you'll glean here can be warmly applied no matter where you live.

Echoing Green


Reading any of the blogs we've featured in this listing will definitely support your energy-saving goals. But once you start noticing smaller bills coming in from your household chores and needs, you might just be inspired to get your community saving money and safeguarding the environment alongside you. This blog is the ideal site to begin your energy-saving activism plan. Echoing Green's page is centered on the idea of promoting social change with ideological entrepreneurs like yourself.

Finalists for the 2015 Fellowships
by Scott Ballum Cohen about 3 years ago
Bold in Action: Connecting the Dots
by Scott Ballum Cohen about 3 years ago

Hazeltree Farm


The blogger shares the journey of moving to a farm away from the big city. It is a blog dedicated to helping other make the world a greener place.

Tietoukka Monitor


Global climate change is the main focus of this interesting blog spot. It has links, references, and articles focusing on Finnish climate change news.

Watching The Finnish… goes on hiatus
by tietoukka over 4 years ago
Watching The Finnish… December 2013
by tietoukka over 4 years ago

Culture and Climate Change


Culture and Climate Change offers a view into other countries in terms of the implications of climate change. The blog collects personal notices from around the world that speak to our ever changing climate conditions.

Kolumbien: Entwicklung oder Umwelt?
by nospam@example.com (PASCH Schreibwettbewerb) over 4 years ago
Argentinien: Und was nun?
by nospam@example.com (PASCH Schreibwettbewerb) over 4 years ago

Cool the Earth


The blog comes from the writer's PhD thesis in Environmental Economics. As it comes down to it, the blogger states that turning back climate change is about the survival of our civilization.



The blogger is a trained research biologist who started the site to rebuff climate change deniers. It has grown into a full-fledged site, chock full of important information on climate and everything related.



The blogger is the Co-Founder and Director of Climate Change Initiatives for the International Youth Council. Overall, this is a great site, covering many different aspects of climate change.

Grid Alternatives Solar Install
by noreply@blogger.com (Esperanza Garcia) over 3 years ago
Honored to receive the Care2 Impact Award
by noreply@blogger.com (Esperanza Garcia) almost 4 years ago

Greening of Gavin


This blog is written by a man who has come to embrace a green and healthy lifestyle. For him, it is about reducing the carbon footprint and improving the lives of our children for decades to come.

TGoG Podcast 058 – Listener Mailbag
by Gavin Webber over 4 years ago
The Great Mushroom Experiment
by Gavin Webber over 4 years ago

Abi Envi


Abi Envi offers topics on prioritizing environment issues, governmental involvement, and environmental law, among many others.

From Ambition to Action


The blogger writes from Hyderabad, India. The blog offers a younger point of view in the fight against climate change with calls to action permeating the site.

Connect | Commit | Create
by Deepti over 4 years ago

The Global Ideas Blog


The Global Idea Blog offers unique and creative solutions to global warming and climate change. There is both discussion and commentary on proposed plans and it helps to foster a community based vibe.

The Yeti
by Klaus Esterluß about 4 years ago
Nessie – a dinosaur that arrived to late?
by Klaus Esterluß over 4 years ago

Environmental Issues in the Transportation Sector


Environmental law is the focus of this blog. Legal concerns posed by environmental issues are the main stories here.