It's Our World: The EPA's Blog About Our World


The EPA reaches out to the populace with this insightful and knowledge-packed page. Energy saving, environmental legislation, and much more appear here regularly.

Earth Month Tip: Change Five Lights
by bteam over 4 years ago
Missoula Sawmill Site: Ready for Reuse
by bteam over 4 years ago

Connected Urban Development


This blog believes that our communities and their composition have an important effect on the environment. That connection makes for enlightening reading here.

Green Building Law Update


As the world continues to fall more in love with green, governments are taking care to keep new construction projects effective and safe. Learn how green gets balanced with efficiency here.

TSCA on the Cusp of being Overhauled by Congress
by Stuart Kaplow over 2 years ago
USGBC Certifying Green Parking Garages Déjà Vu
by Stuart Kaplow over 2 years ago



With tips, trends and technology, Hank Green tests us on our ecological standing with both a touch of firmness and a touch of wit as he pulls us into his blog, ecogeek.org and then shoots straight from the hip with a no nonsense allowance for a better, greener Earth.

Navy Demonstrates Fuel From Seawater Production
about 4 years ago
Ontario Completely Off Coal
over 4 years ago

Green: Energy, the Environment and the Bottom Line


The New York Times sponsors this widely-read blog that captures the latest green headlines. The writers have a knack for blending green themes with pop culture topics.

Bright Green Blog


The Bright Green Blog offers green engineering solutions for our world. This blog covers the environmental engineering aspect and does so with news, ideas, opinions, and much, much more.

Environmental Engineering Diary


The blogger offers an green blog that covers environmental issues, cases, environmental engineering, and courses.

Green Engineering


Blogger John Dodge has been a journalist for over 30 years. His blog all the environmental engineering topics one would need to know if they were in the biz.



The Greenbuild International Conference and Expo posts a blog dedicated to green building. The site has quite a bit of information and would be interesting for environmental engineering professionals.