For women and young girls that are interested in the sciences, this blog should prove to be very enlightening. The blog is updated regularly and there is quite a lot of information from this professor / blogger.

Coaching Academics?
by Female Science Professor over 3 years ago
STEM survey for postgraduate women
by Female Science Professor over 3 years ago

Cooking for Engineers


For a little change of pace, here is a blog that is mostly about cooking... For engineers. It offers some great recipes and might be a good stop off for those hungry engineers tired of reading about construction or news stories.

Books: Modernist Cuisine at Home on Inkling
by Michael Chu over 4 years ago
Off Topic: Thermoworks Thermapen 2013 Giveaway!
by Michael Chu over 4 years ago

Journeys of an Academic


This is an interesting and unique blog spot from an engineer who is trying to make a difference in the world. There's a variety of content and it's not all about engineering.

Awkward Engineer


engineering humor, awkward moments, stories, and other odds and ends [updated 3x / week or let's be honest, just when I can]

Starting up an Engine[er]


A Structural and Civil Engineering Blog - How to become a small business owner - How not to lose your mind doing it - How to take risks and still be regarded as a safe pair of hands - St Albans and Hertfordshire, UK

Powerful Purpose Engineering Career Development Blog


This blog is aimed at helping engineers develop their careers in a way that is balanced and less stressed.