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This blog works toward connecting people at different ends of the globe, with a focus on engineering education as a way to bring people together. It offers a variety of topics on engineering education research.

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This blog offers networking opportunities for K-12 teachers who are involved in making engineering fun and accessible for their students.



The blogger provides musings on business, engineering, and higher education, all rolled up into one informational and easy to read blog spot.

HBR on What Makes a Great Leader
by Aurelie C. Thiele over 2 years ago
HBR on Collaborative Overload
by Aurelie C. Thiele over 2 years ago

Industrial Skills Training


Industrial skills training post and resources only. Most useful to Manufacturing, Maintenance Electricians and Mechanics, and to Engineers.

Bmit jaipur


ngineering helps you to understand how many things in the world work and to have a good understanding of latest technologies. It also helps you to understand the numerous challenges that our society faces. Below we list down important benefits of choosing engineering as your career: Intellectual Development: An engineering education will “exercise” you brain, developing your ability to think logically and to solve problems.Engineering graduates receive the highest starting salary of any discipline. Variety of Career Opportunity: An engineering degree offers a wide range of career possibilities right from government sector to semi government sector to corporate and multi-national companies.