Ernie's 3D Pancakes


This is an interesting blog by Jeff Erickson, who is a computer science professor, but he uses his blog to make entries about engineering and computer science, but he might throw in some curves as well. We liked the variety the blog offers.

A Computer Scientist in a Business School


Interesting blog combining the blogger's work as a professor in a business school, but has a background in computer science. He blogs about the many challenges he has faced along the way. This blog is laid out very well and easy to follow.

The Decline of Amazon Mechanical Turk
by Panos Ipeirotis over 2 years ago
An API for MTurk Demographics
by Panos Ipeirotis about 3 years ago

IEEE Computer Society


Here you will find everything you ever wanted to know about computer science along with some useful training. There is a lot of great information on this blog and definitely one that you will want to bookmark.

GE Lighting Careers Blog


The electrical giant's blog focuses on career openings in the electrical industry. This site is not exclusively dedicated to careers in lighting, but to careers in engineering as well, which is what makes it even more comprehensive than most sites.

The Power Of Predix: An Inside Look At How Pitney Bowes Is Using The Industrial Internet Platform
by GE Careers over 2 years ago
The Boxing Cats In The Doghouse – #SundayFunday
by GE Careers over 2 years ago

Chrome Robotics


Progressive robot designs and new concepts for the future are the focus of this site. There's also a good amount of attention given to concerns in social engineering.

Ze Germans
by chromerobotics@gmail.com over 3 years ago
future of assembly line workers
by chromerobotics@gmail.com over 3 years ago

Burns & McDonnell Blog


Burns & McDonnell is one of the leading design firms in the United States. The company provides engineering, architecture, construction, environmental and consulting services for the aviation, defense, environmental and utilities markets. The group ranks among the top 10 designers for the power industry market, and nearly 40 percent of its revenues are earned from projects for that market. In 2005 the company created a new business unit to offer architectural, engineering and construction management services to the health care industry.

Utility Applications of Energy Storage
by Mike Beehler over 2 years ago
Bringing the Power of BIM to Facility Management
by Steve Cline over 2 years ago

Awkward Engineer


engineering humor, awkward moments, stories, and other odds and ends [updated 3x / week or let's be honest, just when I can]

Starting up an Engine[er]


A Structural and Civil Engineering Blog - How to become a small business owner - How not to lose your mind doing it - How to take risks and still be regarded as a safe pair of hands - St Albans and Hertfordshire, UK

Powerful Purpose Engineering Career Development Blog


This blog is aimed at helping engineers develop their careers in a way that is balanced and less stressed.

Tough Programming


If you want to learn new tough programming topics, this is the right place.

HVAC Marietta


Keeping you cool and sharing with you how we do it is one of the main purposes of our HVAC blog. We thank you for visiting our blog and hope that our HVAC blog will help you know more about heating and air systems.

What To Look For in HVAC Experts
by hvacmariettaco over 4 years ago
Marietta Air Experts
by hvacmariettaco over 4 years ago

Marietta Pressure Washing


We love pressure washing! That is why we are so active with our pressure washing blog. If you want to learn more about power washing and how it can help clean your home, please take a look on our blog. We currently do pressure washing in Marietta, GA. We hope we can help you!

Pressure Washing Gutters in Marietta
by mariettapressurewash over 4 years ago
Pressure Washing 30062
by mariettapressurewash over 4 years ago

Information on Latest Remote Control Technology


Information Portal on the latest Remote Control Technology in The Market. Radio remote control technology is a very advanced field. This blog is a treasure of latest news on all types of industrial remote control technology.

Industrial Skills Training


Industrial skills training post and resources only. Most useful to Manufacturing, Maintenance Electricians and Mechanics, and to Engineers.

Aerospace Nation


Aerospace Nation is a site not just about aircraft or spacecraft, but about the people that do them, and the effort that goes into them. A parallel motive is to educate those on the outside looking in, and thinking of getting in. It can often look glamourous and awe-inspiring from the outside. The reality is different.. I want to make sure you get one insider’s view of what it’s really like. Many sites that attempt to educate interested people have vested interests. They want you to pay lots of money to come study at their university. They want you to come work for them, because they don’t pay their people very well and they’re desperately short of skilled staff. This site has no such vested interest.

Bmit jaipur


ngineering helps you to understand how many things in the world work and to have a good understanding of latest technologies. It also helps you to understand the numerous challenges that our society faces. Below we list down important benefits of choosing engineering as your career: Intellectual Development: An engineering education will “exercise” you brain, developing your ability to think logically and to solve problems.Engineering graduates receive the highest starting salary of any discipline. Variety of Career Opportunity: An engineering degree offers a wide range of career possibilities right from government sector to semi government sector to corporate and multi-national companies.

Gas Engineer Surrey


Some of the heating systems at business firms and homes may operate on gas. You would require the assistance of an expert in case of any leakage. So, if you live in Surrey and want to install a new heating system or replace the existing one, then consult a reputed gas engineer in Surrey to get the matchless services with newest industrial trends.