CompSci.ca Blog


One of the many aspects of this blog that we liked was the fact that it was easy to read and easy to digest. This means that even those that are just looking at the field of engineering, specifically computer engineering can glean a lot of information from this blog.

ASK Online


This blog gives you some actual coding information, which for many will be useful. We liked this blog because the blogger gives information that can be used and shows the various steps necessary to take in order to use code properly.

WSO2 MSF4J Quick Start Guide
by Aruna Karunarathna over 2 years ago
WSO2 ESB : Consume JMS Messages From HornetQ embedded JBOSS EAP
by Aruna Karunarathna over 2 years ago



With tips, trends and technology, Hank Green tests us on our ecological standing with both a touch of firmness and a touch of wit as he pulls us into his blog, ecogeek.org and then shoots straight from the hip with a no nonsense allowance for a better, greener Earth.

Navy Demonstrates Fuel From Seawater Production
about 4 years ago
Ontario Completely Off Coal
about 4 years ago

Curious Cat


The Curious Cat combines science and engineering into one impressive and thoughtful blog spot. Topics covered include innovation, technology, research, education, gadgets, and much, much more.

Our Poor Antibiotic Practices Have Sped the Evolution of Resistantce to Our Last-Resort Antibiotic
by curiouscat over 2 years ago
Beehive Fence Protects Farms from Elephants
by curiouscat over 2 years ago

Green: Energy, the Environment and the Bottom Line


The New York Times sponsors this widely-read blog that captures the latest green headlines. The writers have a knack for blending green themes with pop culture topics.

Engineering Science


Engineering Science provides a way for students to prepare for the rigors of the engineering profession. It is also a blog spot meant to help beginning scientists by giving them a voice.

Extreme Vision Engineering


This blog is not traditionally designed, but once you get past that, there seems to be a wealth of welding and mechanical engineering resources stored here.



This is for engineering students, with resources and great information for those currently enrolled in a Engineering major.

Fairer Science Blog


Fairer Science is a project that enables women in the engineering profession to advocate their findings. The blog helps to promote gender equality within the field of engineering.

STEM Diversity and 'The Causal Loop'
by Pat over 4 years ago
Here we go again, but this time with a twist
by Pat over 4 years ago

Cooking for Engineers


For a little change of pace, here is a blog that is mostly about cooking... For engineers. It offers some great recipes and might be a good stop off for those hungry engineers tired of reading about construction or news stories.

Books: Modernist Cuisine at Home on Inkling
by Michael Chu over 4 years ago
Off Topic: Thermoworks Thermapen 2013 Giveaway!
by Michael Chu over 4 years ago

Engineering Education


This blog works toward connecting people at different ends of the globe, with a focus on engineering education as a way to bring people together. It offers a variety of topics on engineering education research.

eGFI for Teachers Blog


This blog offers networking opportunities for K-12 teachers who are involved in making engineering fun and accessible for their students.

Bright Green Blog


The Bright Green Blog offers green engineering solutions for our world. This blog covers the environmental engineering aspect and does so with news, ideas, opinions, and much, much more.

Environmental Engineering Diary


The blogger offers an green blog that covers environmental issues, cases, environmental engineering, and courses.

Green Engineering


Blogger John Dodge has been a journalist for over 30 years. His blog all the environmental engineering topics one would need to know if they were in the biz.

Mechanical Engineering


This is a pretty technical blog for those in the know on Mechanical Engineering as it relates to real world applications.



The Greenbuild International Conference and Expo posts a blog dedicated to green building. The site has quite a bit of information and would be interesting for environmental engineering professionals.

Arden Packeer


The blogger is a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert who blogs about computer and network engineering issues. He has over 8 years of experience in designing, installing, and troubleshooting WAN and LAN networks.



The blogger provides musings on business, engineering, and higher education, all rolled up into one informational and easy to read blog spot.

HBR on What Makes a Great Leader
by Aurelie C. Thiele over 2 years ago
HBR on Collaborative Overload
by Aurelie C. Thiele over 2 years ago

Journeys of an Academic


This is an interesting and unique blog spot from an engineer who is trying to make a difference in the world. There's a variety of content and it's not all about engineering.

Blink Dagger


Blink Dagger offers articles, editorials, and reviews on up-to-date topics with an engineering twist to them.

A+ Computer Science Blog


This blog sets out to make computer science "cool" rather than something that only a fee can understand. The blogger tries to bring to the readers the most fundamental aspects of computer science in an easy-to-digest form.

Best Paying Interships
by Stacey Armstrong over 4 years ago
2014 AP Computer Science A Summer Institutes – New AP CS A Labs
by Stacey Armstrong over 4 years ago

Bits and Pieces


As the name of the blog suggests, Harry Lewis, a professor at Harvard, blogs about everything related to computer science, languages, and everything in between.

Crypto Wars, Déja Vu All Over Again
by Harry Lewis over 2 years ago
Rabid Dogs of Another Time
by Harry Lewis over 2 years ago