For women and young girls that are interested in the sciences, this blog should prove to be very enlightening. The blog is updated regularly and there is quite a lot of information from this professor / blogger.

Coaching Academics?
by Female Science Professor over 3 years ago
STEM survey for postgraduate women
by Female Science Professor over 3 years ago

Civil Engineering Central


Civil engineers participating in any facet of the profession will find a ton of knowledge and opinion pieces on this site to whet their construction appetites on this important and recognized site. This is the official blog of a company whose aim is to link qualified civil engineers with posts that will satisfy their skill sets; that employment-minded lineage informs the blog, with most posts designed to help readers locate the most prime outlets for occupation.

Senior Transportation Engineer, Brighton, CO
over 4 years ago
Substation Design - Civil Engineer (New Grads Welcome!), Jackson, MI
over 4 years ago

Next American City


Too many cities in the United States, as this blog might go on record believing, have been felled by poor design schemes, and a lack of attention paid to the environment and to the needs of the communities which they serve. Next American City is all about rectifying these gaps in socially responsible construction and architecture.

Philadelphia’s Public Spaces Could Get a $500 Million Makeover
by Kelsey E. Thomas over 2 years ago
Why Now Is the Time to Remake Economic Development
by Amy Liu | Op-Ed over 2 years ago

Bruin Planners


Most Americans will understand the term "Bruins" to refer to the official mascot of the University of California at Los Angeles, but readers of his blog will comprehend that it's these lovable brainiacs who are really representing the best of the institution. Students from the graduate program of urban planning collaborate on this site to voice their analyses and opinions of the civil engineering scene both in California and elsewhere.

Land Development Engineering


As the title of this site might clue you into, the blog concentrates on engineering as it effects land development schemes. It also sheds life on the day-to-day details of the job.

Controlling Points in XREFs
by Kevin about 3 years ago
Corridor Cul-de-sac troubleshooting
by Kevin about 3 years ago



This blog does a great job of reminding its readers that we all have a part to play in how our environments are constructed. It also alerts you to great signs of engineering progress.

D.C. Streetcar Began Service Saturday (Seriously!)
by Planetizen over 2 years ago
Gehry Partners Opens Up on Los Angeles River Progress
by Planetizen over 2 years ago

Project for Public Spaces


This blog concentrates on making ideal spaces for communities in ways that activate citizens, not tire them. Birmingham and Maine have been recent features.

Goodspeed Update


Blogger Rob is currently earning his Ph.D. from MIT, and is future bright light of the urban planning scene. His insights on his blog show someone who can do much good.

New Article on Key Questions for Civic Crowdfunding
by Rob Goodspeed over 2 years ago
New Paper on Sketch Planning Tools
by Rob Goodspeed over 2 years ago

National Journal: Transportation Experts Blog


The commendable publication fields a group of experts in civil engineering to analyze America's transport problems. Anyone concerned about getting about will enjoy this.

Engineering Daily


Engineers of every variety and discipline regularly beeline to this informative blog. It's the best way for them to remain updated on the profession's qualities and concerns.

Inexpensive fetal monitor could save thousands of lives every year
by admin over 2 years ago
Land Survey- Necessary for Every Land Related Work
by admin almost 3 years ago

Daily Commercial News


This blog chronicles construction and engineering as they happen in Canada. It proves our neighbors up North grapple with similar issues of environment and community.

$700 million raised for GTA cricket stadium
about 4 years ago
Hamilton's Gore Park makeover underway
about 4 years ago

It's Our World: The EPA's Blog About Our World


The EPA reaches out to the populace with this insightful and knowledge-packed page. Energy saving, environmental legislation, and much more appear here regularly.

Earth Month Tip: Change Five Lights
by bteam over 4 years ago
Missoula Sawmill Site: Ready for Reuse
by bteam over 4 years ago

City Comforts


This blog looks to inject a bit of rationality into the rampant wave of mega-projects all over the world. The Middle East and East Asia are primary focuses.

Co-locate housing above surface parking at Northgate Library
by David Sucher over 2 years ago
Hi-Vis Hi-Style Clothing
by David Sucher over 2 years ago

Planning Pool


Sorry, swimming hole fans; this blog is not about building a great place for you to lap. Rather, its about a pool, or group, of great thinkers in the CE community.

Civil Engineering Schools


Are you curious about potentially becoming a civil engineer? Visit this blog often to learn how to frame your education in a CE direction.

Connected Urban Development


This blog believes that our communities and their composition have an important effect on the environment. That connection makes for enlightening reading here.

Green Building Law Update


As the world continues to fall more in love with green, governments are taking care to keep new construction projects effective and safe. Learn how green gets balanced with efficiency here.

TSCA on the Cusp of being Overhauled by Congress
by Stuart Kaplow over 2 years ago
USGBC Certifying Green Parking Garages Déjà Vu
by Stuart Kaplow over 2 years ago

Electrical Engineering Qiosk


This blog site totally blows us away. There is positively mega amounts of electrical engineering blog articles to choose from and we don’t know how to narrow it down to choosing just “one” favorite. It is mind boggling.

Free Computer Books


Another great site because it's all free. This is a large free collection of computer, mathematics, programming, engineering, and technical books, along with other tutorials and notes. Check it out.