The Trance Dance Music Blog


Sometimes, you don't wanna listen, you just wanna groove. This site is dedicated to making you feel happy at that moment.

Dance is a Feeling


Before you head off to the next hot club of the moment, visit here and preview what you might be grinding to fairly soon.

Largehearted Boy


Packed full of worthwhile reviews and artist lists, this blog will not disappoint. Stop here for the newest in music news all over the world and top picks for your iPod.

Book Notes - Jennifer Miller "The Heart You Carry Home"
by david over 2 years ago
This Week's Interesting Music Releases - November 20, 2015
by david over 2 years ago

Pasta Primavera


Pasta Primavera is a Baltimore based blog that takes pride in their local talents. They blog about local Indie bands as well as up coming world debut artists. Their music reviews and mp3s are mostly just what they personally find pleasing the ears and hope you will too.

Shy Violet – “Cattle” & “Tokyo”
by Laurent over 4 years ago
BMORE: Weekends, Wing Dam, Small Apartments, Goblin Mold 1/25
by Laurent over 4 years ago

Indie Surfer Blog


This music freak is here to simply share his love of blissful melodies and help those of us who desperately need new playlists. Come here to pack up good tunes and good feelings.

by Ziggy over 4 years ago



This blog really loves to introduce new bands all over. If you're a band trying to get public, try these guys. They'll love to represent you. But for the majority of us who just want to listen, come here too for fresh and vintage tunes.

Breezy Sundays :: Tom Misch & Carmody :: Easy Love
by quentin over 2 years ago
Foreign Air :: In The Shadows + show on March 2
by josh over 2 years ago

Crappy Indie Music


This blog gives endless sounds of local Portland bands. They mean business. Every band they hear they post and review. We like to call it the thrift store of music blogs. If you're a sifter, make sure you stop here.



Named one of PC magazine's top 100 blogs, Aurgasm is known for their unique music finds. They are just a group of music geeks who spend their lives searching for the wierdest and best of underground music.

Shannon McNally
by Kyle over 2 years ago
Rice, Rice, Hillman & Pedersen
by Kyle over 2 years ago



Don't look now but he's picking his nose. . . for music? Yes! This blogger provides tons of idie music selections along with vintage alternative.

typhoon @ brighton music hall (review, photos)
by adrian almost 5 years ago

Suburban Dander


Suburban Dander is packed full of so many resources for the Indie music lover. With reviews, mp3s, films and shows this blog have more than everything you'll need to get started in your music building.

I Guess I'm Floating


These guys provide fabulous song/album/artist reviews. Their witty remarks and passionate reviews will make yearn for more. Plus you can never go wrong with mixtapes!

You Ain't No Picasso


This blogger goes above and beyond. They not only listen to music they go to concerts to bring you their true reviews on what you're listening to. With reviwes and interviews they give you what real scoop.

[mp3] My Morning Jacket: “Hungry Heart” (Bruce Springsteen)
by Matt over 4 years ago
You Ain’t No Picasso’s Favorite Concerts of 2013
by Matt over 4 years ago



Their number one goal is give the best and widest selection of alternative mp3s. A one stop shop sort of deal. You don't want to miss this.

Skye Steele
by todd about 4 years ago
Silver Dapple
by todd about 4 years ago

Deaf Indie Elephants


Need music from a global perspective? This Venezuelan blog is here just to do that. They have great music selections and reviews on world wide underground tunes.

Daily Growl


This Brittish blog really just wants to give you free music. Is that ok with you? Among giving out free downloads they also want you know what going on in the British indie scene.



Suppporting artists and writing for days this New York aborigine supplies endless amounts of mp3s and reviews. Although they have a very high level of self-esteem you should still at least check them.

They Love Their Movies
by Matthew about 4 years ago
Let’s Keep The Secret
by Matthew about 4 years ago

Our Iron Lung


This UK based blog is all about promoting regional bands. They have a lot of interviews and album reviews as well as indie music news from the UK, the US and other major countries.

Muzzle of Bees


Complete with a delightful mp3 player this blog gives you great posters, reviews and interviews. That's really all we want. Free music and honest work.

Favorite Albums of 2013
by uwmryan over 4 years ago

The Music Ninja


The Music Ninja is exactly what it sounds like. I blog on a mission. This blog scours the internet for the best real upcoming music. They focus more on individual tracks and music news.

[Dubstep] Point.Blank – Awake EP
by Ren Jackson over 2 years ago
[House] option4 ft. Rose Quartz – Love Is Lonely
by Ren Jackson over 2 years ago

Music is Free Now


Cesar Alvarez doesn't give you mp3 downloads or music reviews. Instead he gives you information about how the music industry has changed now that music is free, but also how it has always been free. Very interesting.

by cesar@cesaralvarez.net (César Alvarez) over 2 years ago
by cesar@cesaralvarez.net (César Alvarez) over 3 years ago

Said the Gramophone


This blog's focus in on their pure love for music. Everything they post and review is out of their passion for sharing what they love. So come here to get in touch with your softer side.

The Garden
by Emma over 2 years ago
Neu Snowplow
by Mitz over 2 years ago

We All Want Someone to Shout For


This blog is not completely underground but they do have great alternative tastes. Will Oliver originally built this blog to share music with his friends, but after actually getting a fan base, he turned it into something more legit. Good luck Will!

Big Grams at Irving Plaza (December 21, 2015)
by Will Oliver over 2 years ago
Foals at Terminal 5 (December 18, 2015)
by Will Oliver over 2 years ago