Electrician Talk


So you want to talk “electrician talk” then go to Electrician Talk.com. Here you will find electrical forums, various electrical trade topics, all about equipment and tools. There tips on safety and even a community center to chat, chat and chat about issues.



eLocalElectriciansBlog touts itself as “The Nation’s #1 Directory of Electricians.” With some terrific resource information, awesome links for finding those supplies and all their articles with excellent advice and groovy tips – we tend to believe them.

The 'Internet Electrician' Blog


Scandinavian Terry is an adventurous, travel loving electrician that loves to blog. Be it installing a spa pool light or his recent "messy find" in Calgary Alberta - he talks us through it with true electrician gusto.



This 30 year UK electrical veteran packs a wallop with his blog that is chuck full with articles on work wear, wiring regulations, and road shows. He even partakes with helpful information in how to obtain C&G courses.

Practical Guide to Inspection, Testing & Certification of Electrical Installations Review- Chris Kitcher
by Editor over 2 years ago
Metal CUs Update
by Editor over 2 years ago

Los Angeles Electrician Blog


Kim lives for the typical everyday consumer to jump aboard and inquire about all forms of electrical questions. You will find this Los Angeles Electrican blog is chocked full of articles ranging from how to go about hiring an electrician to the newest concerns on electrical cars.

Home Maintenance Safety Tips
by admin about 4 years ago
Stay Powered During Power Outage with Electrician in Santa Monica
by Kim Hopkins about 4 years ago

My Local Electrician


To discussing pertinent information for any electrician contemplating that momentous move to a new location to what is truly means to be a bona fide electrician; My Local Electrician provides the answers.

Electrical Safety First Launched, will it be a success story?
by Gary Pratten about 4 years ago
What to use?
by michaelskinner97 about 4 years ago

The Green Electrician


The Green Electrician gives you a warm welcome with down-home electrical news. One item of extreme importance that is major on their list is of course - solar panels.

TGE Group Turn Up the Heat in Retirement Properties
about 4 years ago

Mr. Electric of Tucson Expert Electrical Blog


Rah, rah Arizona and the Mr. Electric of Tucson Expert Electrical Blog. Blogging about obtaining an electrician licensing, troubleshooting troubles and safety at the site does AZ electrician bloggers justice. For us it was the wide-range article with tips on electrical safety in relation to children. It is a should-be-required read.



LightNOW has been presenting news and views to the electrical lighting industry for 7+ years. This site has metamorphosed from a webpage, to a newsletter, to an enlightening blog. Craig DiLouie entices you to be lured in by both his effusive featured blog and his monthly e-newsletter.

Career Opportunity: Research and Evaluation Analyst (Conservation Programs) for Seattle City Light
by Craig DiLouie about 4 years ago
Hubbell’s Chris Bailey on Right-Sizing Light
by Craig DiLouie about 4 years ago

Sparky...the life and times of a lunatic electrician


Ian is the first to admit that the rules of the blogs are that personal life discussions come first with a dabble of electrician talk peppered throughout second. All and all, it’s a delightful blog by a personable electrician imparting a few interesting tidbit.

J.C. Pye Electrical Services


From recessed lights in the kitchen to great comprehensive tips for “smart wiring” your home Jake Pye the 3rd rolls up his sleeves and eagerly delves right in. And while these informative articles are older they are not to be overlooked.

UT Electrician Blog


Daystar Electricians blog reels us in with some amazingly pertinent, daily articles. Regardless if you’re an electrician or consumer be sure to look at the one that gives 4 or 5 trouble shooting electrical tips.

St. Louis Electrician Blog


Stressing out over the unhealthy combination of electrical outlets and children? Well The St. Louis Electrician blog has figured it all out for you and offers up some effective thoughts about it for the consumer to do and the electrician to suggest.

Scientific American


Scientific American Blogs is not for the pansy. It provides blogs on a number of subjects but really shines in the electrical area as well. We love the one on conferring about the eMonitor for monitoring the electrical energy use in your home.

Did Astronaut Scott Kelly Spend TOO Long in Space?
about 2 years ago
Ignoring Stuff is Good for Your Memory
about 2 years ago

Trim Electric, Inc Blog


Okay – so how cool is it that Trim Electric blog site provides an electrical checklist for you? But aside from that we were really blown away with the article on how not to be duped by hiring very deceptive electrical contractors.

Veterans Day - Thank You!!
by Cesar Arzayus over 3 years ago
Electrician in Houston now has a Pinterest Business Account
by Cesar Arzayus over 3 years ago

Blue Sky Electric Blog


Wow, Blue Sky Electric Blog has some amazing articles on their site. It is one of their more recent one title “DIY vs. Handyman vs. Qualified Electrician.” Very riveting reading for all.

ProLectric Electric


This Texas based blog is Texas big. With electrical categories such as appliances, DIY projects, lighting, and solar/wind energy it has all the low down. And this is just touching the ice cap on the ProLectric Electricians blog’s incredibly remarkable articles.

The 411 on Outdoor Outlets
by admin over 3 years ago
Apprentice Electrician Jobs
by admin almost 4 years ago

My Dream Course Blog -electrician


What can we say about My Dream Course Blog – what can we not say about it? While it is not just about electricians it is one that is note worthy with the article about the bases of the electrician’s vocation and a lot of other strong, major points.

The Electrician C of Q Exam Workbook


We had to add in The Electrician C of Q Exam Work book blog site. We can not stress how exciting and important this site is for anyone seeking to be an electrician. It has all the ins and outs of every inch of the knowledge need for the exam.

Neil's Jolting Thoughts


CA’s Quickstart™ Electrical Training and Neil’s Jolting Thoughts is one site to be reckoned with. This blog site offers valuable insight to California’s certification exam, the laws for certification, prices of classes and resources galore.

HavMain Blog


This UK blog site is there for electricians to discuss the latest what RCBO is to RCD’s to discussing the heartbreak of unsure times these present days for electricians. HavMain is an instructive and helpful blog with a dash of concern thrown in.

That is Shocking!


Jeffries Electric Blog is a gas. No – really, check out the article headliner “You think gas is high?” Of course they are really talking about copper wiring. For the “older” set of electricians you might want to peruse the story about the model circuit break circa 1957. Told you this blog was a gas.

Company Progress
by Jeffries Electric almost 4 years ago
Company Progress
by Jeffries Electric almost 4 years ago

Blog Sparks Direct


On Blog Sparks Direct you will find all sorts of electrical tidbits that will be sure to tug you in. We personally took an interest in the first aid of electrical shock guidelines. This blog article leads you through on how to approach to what to do until the ambulance arrives.

SparksDirect.co.uk Nominated for the 2014 Best Electrical Wholesaler Website
by sparksdirect about 4 years ago
Fancy a Spring Break with a £3000 Holiday Voucher? Check out Schneider EZ Rewards!
by sparksdirect about 4 years ago

Ricks Advanced Electrics Blog


Ricks Advanced Electric blog site pulls you in with intriguing article headers about the difference of grounded or ungrounded home outlets, lowering your energy use and costs, and the whys of how should only hire a fully licensed electrician. Trust us, there is plenty of additional first-rate tidbits available for hard core electrician to inspect.

Grounded Outlets
by Ricks Advanced Electric over 4 years ago
Leave Home Theater to the Professionals
by Ricks Advanced Electric over 4 years ago

McGillicuddy Electrical Services


McGillicuddy Electric blog answers some tough electrical questions while making some definite statements. Want to know what B.A.S.E. is? Did you know January 1, 2012 the 100w Incandescent Bulb will be extinct? How about wanting to learn how to save a whopping 25 per cent on your bill? Perhaps you are a consumer and want an electrician for a day job – enter the McGillicuddy Electric blog contest and win your self 8 hours of free service. What a site.