The Center for College Affordability and Productivity


This blog is concerned with administrative and policy issues regarding education. Important links to current news, issues and events as well as well-researched and critical analysis of the US educational system are posted regularly.

How Not to Criticize College Rankings
by Anthony Hennen almost 4 years ago
The Political Decisions That Make or Break Unionization
by Matthew LeBar almost 4 years ago

Working-Class Perspectives


This blog, maintained by the Center for Working-Class Studies at Youngstown University, examines socioeconomic class systems and its role in society. While this blog does not focus primarily on education, it does discuss the role of class in educational systems and is a good resource for class & education related issues.

Will “Accompanying” Work as an Organizing Principle?
by steeltownusa over 3 years ago
Climate Change and Income Inequality
by peacenick11 almost 4 years ago

I Thought A Think


Ryan is a 1st grade teacher in the state of Washington and created a blog to voice his 'thinks' on a variety of issues facing public school educators in these difficult times. From policy and budget issues, classroom diversity and administrative politics to the evolving technology, Ryan strives to address real issues with honesty, integrity and a bit of wry humor.

Please, Liv, get healthy.
by noreply@blogger.com (Ryan) over 2 years ago
I Made the Office Work on Labor Day So That I Could Take August 29th Off to Celebrate Michael Jackson's Birthday
by noreply@blogger.com (Ryan) over 3 years ago



Blogger Andrew Rotherham, Co-founder and Partner at Bellwether Education Partners, focuses on education policy and politics. Andrew posts analysis and commentary on education news and articles published in various media outlets. His blog is a center of lively and relevant debate over the future of our schools.

Education Ideas: Too Big To Be Useful, Or Not Bold Enough?
by arotherham almost 2 years ago
Opt-Out Pushback, Young Voters, New Normal In Education, Teacher Prep, Kane On Research, Kids On Twitter, Assembly Pranks
by arotherham almost 2 years ago



Although this blog, sponsored by the NYC Department of Education, emphasizes education news and policy of interest for local teachers, it is a helpful resource for teachers everywhere. Edwize is a hub of education issues, teaching strategies and professional development information.

Think you understand teachers? You’re wrong
by Rachel Nobel almost 4 years ago
New York’s badly segregated schools
by Maisie McAdoo almost 4 years ago

Joanne Jacobs


Joanne Jacobs provides interesting insights about the politics of US educational debates today, and her posts often include the ways in which substitute teachers fit into this scene. This is a good read for anyone who may be long-term substitute teaching as a replacement for teachers who have been fired or laid off as a result of budget cuts or other issues.

British Pathé releases 85,000 newsreels
by Joanne over 3 years ago
Court upholds ban on racial preferences
by Joanne over 3 years ago

Tom Mooney Institute for Teacher & Union Leadership


The blog of the Tom Mooney Institute is updated with informed and critical information about leadership in teaching and educational reform. As proclaimed progressives, this blog focuses on reshaping the educational system to fulfill the needs of contemporary society.

Candidate for Mayor Issues Critique of DC School Reforms
by marksimon almost 4 years ago
Aligning Education Reform Policies with What the Research Tells Us
by marksimon over 4 years ago

Superintendent's Blog


Have you ever wondered how a school superintendent does things? This blog might be specialized for one school district, but the thoughts and decisions pertain to anyone working in education administration.

We want to know… what you want to know…
by gradens about 2 years ago
Holiday Gift Ideas
by gradens about 2 years ago

Scenes From the Battleground


This UK based teacher/blogger shares their passion for special needs children and their educational rights. They ready try to inform their readers about the dangers the government imposes when they make decisions about what they think is right for children with special needs.

Is promoting women really the issue? (From @LabourTeachers)
by teachingbattleground almost 2 years ago
A Guide To Scenes From The Battleground
by teachingbattleground almost 2 years ago

Spencer's Scratch Pad


This is a very personal and well-written blog from a teacher. Education Rethink tackles issues in teaching and provides an inside look into the reactions of today's student generation.

What Can Food Trucks Teach Us About Creative Innovation?
by John Spencer almost 2 years ago
How to Move Beyond a Deficit Mindset
by John Spencer almost 2 years ago



Want to learn about the educational philosophy behind 'do it yourself'? DIY U provides free education resources for everyone online and you can also learn what the social benefits of DIY education are.

Theatre For Young Audiences, Arts Education, and the Rest of My Professional Life


This blog is written by a performer and arts educator who also substitute teaches on the side. It's an interesting perspective on how one can teach as a substitute to supplement one's primary salary or career. The blogger has a positive attitude about substituting, and the blog is a good example of how schedule can accommodate substituting as well as other jobs.

Great Article by an Inspiration of Mine
by me about 4 years ago

Teach Spot


With broad lesson plan ideas in posts like Teach Smart: Tangible Ways to Improve Student Writing, the blogger behind Teach Spot has a genuine interest in improving teacher and student performance. Most posts are language arts focused.

Malcolm Bellamy's Learning Blog


The real beauty of this lesson plan blog is its concentration on utilizing technologies in the classroom. Finding a way to incorporate social medias into the language arts classroom is a hot topic in education right now, and this blogger finds a way to stay on top of it.

Mr. Teachbad's Blog of Teacher Disgruntlement


This blog is among the most soapbox-y of teacher lesson plan blogs, as the aim is to build camaraderie with other teachers who experience angst about their jobs occasionally. Every once in a while, amid all of the complaining, the blogger throws in an inspiring idea that could be turned into a lesson.

Larry Ferlazzo's Website of the Day


Teachers who want a quick, simple idea from their blog reading will appreciate the thoughtful straightforwardness of this blog. Each post provides a website idea, where teachers can find inspiration about what to incorporate in their classroom.

United States Videos For Geography Class
by Anonymous over 3 years ago
Eliademy Seems Like An Easy Tool For Creating Online Courses, But I Doubt Its Usefulness In K-12
by Anonymous over 3 years ago

Justin Tarte- Life of an Educator


A thoughtfully written reflective blog, this writing can inspire teachers to be innovative leaders. Though not specifically written as a lesson planning blog, educators can find many ideas about how to improve their lesson ideas.

Should we be preparing our kids to work at Google?
by Justin Tarte over 3 years ago
One bad apple doesn't ruin the 'bunch'
by Justin Tarte over 3 years ago

Hobo Teacher


This blog cracks us up: the bloggers' stories all revolve around their students and the funny/ridiculous/crazy things they do, say, and write all day long at school. One blogger has worked as a substitute also, and writes about this experience and how it diverges from the job of a full-time teacher. We love their slogan: "Teachers can’t afford much, but they can afford to laugh."

Royalty Approach to Education (RATE)


The Royalty Approach to Education (RATE) seeks to increase the time that students spend at home studying. It does that by providing students with Priwards for a combination of academic performance and good behavior.