Editor and Publisher


Even though the reporters are the ones out on the field getting the stories, dditors and publishers are the ones putting the paper together. This blog is a resource for editors and publishers to collaborate on their business.

Guardian News & Media Launches Beta Membership Program
over 3 years ago
Post and Courier Wins September Sidney for Exposing South Carolina’s Domestic Homicide Crisis
over 3 years ago

Photoshop Disasters


They say that learning happens best via doing. In that case, learn how Photoshop Textures and other tools are used to their poorest effects on this page.

Goodbye: A Farewell Message
by bev over 2 years ago
Groupon: Old MacDonald Had A PSD
by bev over 2 years ago

Evil Editor


Do you have a book that is ready (or almost ready) for publication? If you are feeling brave, you may want to send your query letter to the Evil Editor. On the Evil Editor blog, read through this editor's biting comments on query letters, but also see how the Editor corrects query letter mistakes.

Evil Editor's Graphic Novelette
by Evil Editor about 2 years ago
New Beginning 1054
by Evil Editor over 2 years ago

Headsup: the blog


Anyone who's ever struggled with the process of editing a piece of work will enjoy this blog on the ups and downs of the profession. Grammar as it relates to Obama is a big focus here.

Wasn't that Superman's father?
by fev over 2 years ago
Those pesky snow shovels
by fev over 2 years ago



We believe that blogs written by editors are extremely useful to prospective writers. See what your book looks like from the other side by following Edittorrent's commentary on what makes good (and publishable) writing.

by Edittorrent over 2 years ago
The Call to Action: Some Strategies to Make It Big
by Edittorrent over 2 years ago

Photo Editor


You will find photographer profiles, industry news, and information on this site. A great post on this blog is titled "Social Media Marketing Talk – Portland & Seattle" and is worth reading.

The Daily Edit – Julia Fullerton-Batten: Blink
by Heidi Volpe about 4 years ago
This Week In Photography Books: Linda Fregni Nagler
by Jonathan Blaustein about 4 years ago

PSD Learning


Ross Aitken ,owner of this blog, has a great interest in computer graphics. He writes tutorials to share his knowledge and Photoshop learning resources with all. You will find a wealth of information from special effects to text designs here.

The Lightroom Queen


Victoria Bampton is the author of the popular Adobe Lightroom - The Missing FAQ series of books. She shares her expertise in photography in the Lightroom forums. She is well known in the Adobe Community.

Ready to move on from Aperture or iPhoto?
by Victoria Bampton over 3 years ago
What’s new in Lightroom 5.6?
by Victoria Bampton almost 4 years ago

Epic Edits


Topics covered on this site range from digital to film, capture to post-processing, and camera gear to computer parts. Epic Edits' concept is to explore the medium of photography and for fellow photographers to learn from each other as they make their way through this profession.

PS Hero


The author of this blog is a surfer, photographer and graphic designer. He loves to write photo tutorials and shares them on his blog.

Editor Mark


Mark, a well respected editor and wordsmith, relates his ideas on contemporary copy editing and journalism here. He also helps readers understand the concept of style.

In standard usage, ‘daylight saving time’ wins out
by Mark Allen over 2 years ago
Check out my blog entries at Copyediting.com
by Mark Allen over 3 years ago



A lot of fun, cool and interesting stuff which will bring you in good emotion.cobtain



A blog about the places i visit and the friends i photograph along the way.

Sea Play Photography


A photo blog of life in the South, with some travel and scuba thrown in.

Photo Editing, Restoration, Retouching tips and Photography Tutorials at Powerweave Studio Blog


Check out Powerweave Studio's blog for photography tips and techniques, photo editing and retouching tips, photographer’s interviews and more related to photographers, publishers & printers industry.

Anime Maniacs


Its about the daily life fronm an otakus point of view, covering anime, gaming and cosplay. More then 90% of site is based on cosplay from around the world.

Crack Photo Blog


I am a photographer. Still life photographer. Every thing in this whole world is a photograph, it depends on the photographer to think about it and decide to take the perfect shot from perfect angle to make it perfect and unique

Photo Booth Rental Cincinnati Ohio


Make your event wonderful with our custom designed photo booth available for rental in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Columbus Photo Booth Company is ready to serve you with the affordable photo booth services that fits your unique celebration.

Korrektur and Lektorat


Korrektur and Lektorat ist der Prozess der Prüfung der endgültigen Entwurf eines Dokuments oder Text, nachdem es bearbeitet wurde, um sicherzustellen, gibt es absolut keine Fehler. Ein Redakteur hat die Freiheit, ganze Sätze zu entfernen oder neu zu schreiben ganze Absätze. Ein guter Editor wird keine offensichtliche Irrtümer begegnen zu korrigieren, aber ihr Hauptziel ist es, ihr Fachwissen und Intuition nutzen, um sicherzustellen, dass das Dokument macht Sinn.

The Editing Pen


Welcome! The Editing Pen has editorial services, new mysteries recommendations and spotlights, book reviews, writing tips, author interviews, guest posts, contests and free stuff.  Now all you need is a quiet day and a cup of tea.

Lektorat Dissertation


Auch wenn Sie die Rechtschreibprüfung Funktion auf Ihrem Computer verwenden, gibt es eine sehr hohe Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass es zu anderen Fehlern sein. Um keine Fehler in Ihrem letzten schriftliches Dokument zu vermeiden, ist es immer besser, Ihre lektorat dissertation haben über das Dokument getan, vor allem wenn Sie das Schreiben der Abschlussarbeit werden. Unsere Korrekturleser für Grammatikfehler, Satzfehler, Rechtschreibfehler und Konsistenz suchen.

Quirky Wordies Book Emporium


We provide Personal Assistants, Reviewers, Beta-Readers, graphic artist and various editing services for you, the author. We offer a wide range of Public Relation services in the form of Promotional book tours, public relation events and promotional blogs that creates a buzz for your book virtually. Customized to give your book the ultimate online and offline marketing experience. The goal is to help you, the author, build your platform so your book can achieve the recognition it deserves. Marketing is hard work and it’s what we do best. Allow us to take care of you, while you embark on your journey to creativity. The Quirky team will be with you every step of the way.