Yann Klimetidis' Weblog


Yann Klimetidis, a post-doc, analyses new findings in genetics, particularly human population genetics and human evolutionary ecology, in this blog. It also analyses the cultural issues in how science is done.

Jabberwocky Ecology


Ethan White and Morgan Ernest are grad students who successfully convey ecology within the characteristic of the academic universe through their blog Jabberwocky Ecology. Both gentleman are have the credentials and are well versed in each of the subject field.

EcoData Retriever: quickly download and cleanup ecological data so you can get back to doing science
by Ethan White over 4 years ago
Why I like this: Martorell and Freckleton (2014)
by Morgan Ernest over 4 years ago

The Agricultural Landscape Ecology Lab


The blog The Agricultural Landscape Ecology Lab belongs to Ohio State University. Its center of attention is land and it usage and/or changes ecologically as well as how it affects and modifies the existence of advantageous arthropods. For an enthusiastic ecologist this site is exceptional.

New Website!!
by Chels over 4 years ago
Paper published - Lady beetle egg predation
by Chels over 4 years ago



Adrian Patterson is just one of the students that represent this outstanding and extremely remarkable ecology blog. The New Zealand’s Lincoln University namesake blog ecoLincNZ is fresh and new. Anyone visiting this site can’t help but come away very informed.

New articles on EcoLincNZ
by Adrian Paterson over 2 years ago
Concerning hobbits and NZ grass grub
by Adrian Paterson over 2 years ago