Sea Turtle Conservation


Fortunately, visibility for the need to protect sea turtles has boomed recently. This blog helps you direct your concern to practical and effective modes of support.



The islands of the world frequently work as havens to the richest but most fragile ecosystems. Learn about island environmentalism here.

The Biofresh Blog


This is an international project that aspires to be a welcome platform for scientist, ecosystems managers, and environmentalists. It discusses the discuss the science, policy and conservation of freshwater ecosystems while describing their current status and trends.

Meet the MARS team: Rafaela Schinegger
by thefreshwaterblog about 4 years ago
When is a river not a river? Challenges for managing temporary waterways
by thefreshwaterblog about 4 years ago

Deep-Sea News


Here deep sea and ocean science is delivered straight from the field. Straight from the eyes of the scientist himself. With a voice for our world's need for protection and conservation, this blog is also highly informative, a great read for any scientist, researcher, or nature enthusiast.

Five ways conductivity data met an untimely demise
by Dr. Martini over 2 years ago
What makes a wave epic?
by Dr. Martini over 2 years ago

Watching Our Wter Ways


Rivers and lakes and oceans, oh my. Together with algae and fish and under water plants galore. With Puget sound’s being watched over by the ecological blog Watching Our Water Ways, all the water life should be extremely safe. This blog have wonderfully interesting articles.

Amusing Monday: Alligators are uniquely odd and amazing
by Christopher Dunagan over 2 years ago
Youngest orca dies; ocean research goes on
by Christopher Dunagan over 2 years ago

Riparian Rap


Riparian Rap is an ecology blog that needs to be revisited more than once. Steve Gough manages to stuff his blog full with facts, figures and written communication on the nuts and bolts of rivers. Predominantly it is in geomorphology and ecological areas as well as with a touch of preservation maintenance.

For Sale: 514 East Main in Carbondale, Illinois
by Steve Gough over 2 years ago
Steven Vogel has died.
by Steve Gough over 2 years ago

Carl Safina


Carl Safina’s ecology blog is aptly named Carl Safina. Known as the biggest ecosystem on Earth his interest lies in the oceans. He fills his blog with his thoughts of how they are perceived having their own idiosyncratic brand of scientific marvel and mayhem.

This Land Ain’t Our Land
by carls_crew over 2 years ago
Miley Cyrus Goes Wild
by carls_crew over 2 years ago