Grist is a blog that while not taking themselves seriously, seriously takes the natural environment to heart. Churning out ecological and green observations way before it was popular, its goal is to aid in assembly common logic to what can sometimes be a multifaceted ecology mess.

Burgs & the bees : Habitats for humanity: Why our cities need to be ecosystems, too
by Greg Hanscom over 4 years ago
Waste deep in the big muddy : Has modern agriculture cleaned up its dirty runoff act?
by Nathanael Johnson over 4 years ago

Agricultural Biodiversity


The best way to promote better agriculture practices is to involve the wildlife and nature in sustaining it. This blog does a great job to convince you of that reality.



Neal Dikeman is the Editor of an extremely educational and didactic ecology blog that shows its distress and anxiety for today’s environment. There is no doubt that you will consider CleantechBlog revealing and informative as it give credence to present day problems.

CJK: Solving PM2.5
by Chiaki Ishikawa about 4 years ago
Seafloor Carpet Turns Surf’s up to Lights On
by Jeanne Roberts over 4 years ago

Galapagos Blog


Famed scientist Charles Darwin made these islands famous for their then unheard of level of diversity. The archipelago is in trouble due to climate change, and this blog helps you learn how to save them.

All About Wildlife


This professional journalist highlights some of the top endangered species and offers commentary on interesting wildlife facts. Posts are well-written and very intriguing, from "How Does The Rain Forest Food Web Work?" to What Are The 10 Most Dangerous Sharks?" or "Texas Has It’s Own List Of Endangered Species Of Animals".

by Editor over 2 years ago
by Editor almost 3 years ago

Saving Paradise


This blog focuses on conservation news regarding the Seychelles. The group of islands near Madagascar is in special need of support from the world's community of animal and plant lovers.

All in a day’s work
by savingparadise over 4 years ago
Reef Rescuers Fishy Cleaners
by savingparadise over 4 years ago

Defenders of Wildlife


This recognizes the benefits of the thoughtful incorporation of science and technology into the conservation front. It puts you in touch with myriad forums to help animals right now.

Wildlife Weekly Wrap-Up
by Haley McKey over 2 years ago
Learning to Live with California Wolves
by Catalina Tresky over 2 years ago

Nature Conservancy


The Nature Conservancy has developed a comprehensive blog that focuses on environment and wildlife news in the media. Their Cool Green Morning feature is especially engaging.

Featured Post
by Matt Miller over 4 years ago
Lose the Memory, Lose the Fish
by Matt Miller over 4 years ago

Audubon Magazine


Here's Audubon's official blog, quite suitably dubbed "The Perch." Enjoy their Thursday photo posts that practically beg for a fun caption, get top field gear reviews, and learn more about our environment today and the effect it is having on birds.

Sea Turtle Conservation


Fortunately, visibility for the need to protect sea turtles has boomed recently. This blog helps you direct your concern to practical and effective modes of support.

Costa Rican Conservation Network


The beautiful island of Costa Rica is home to a rich and rare assemblage of wildlife. Thankfully, this blog stands to advocate for the plants and animals of the community.

Costa Rican snapper fishery enters international sustainability assessment
by Andy Bystrom over 3 years ago

Wild Conservation


The Houston Zoo sponsors this wildlife protection blog, updated regularly. Anyone looking to begin their wildlife education would be wise to visit here.

Rhino Conservation


This blog opens with an important memo: rhino horns contain not one drop of medicine. Many other rhino myths are debunked here, in an urge to protect the dwindling species.

Wildlife Promise


The National Wildlife Federation has done much to visibly spearhead efforts for the protection of various American species. Their blog is their way of reaching out to ppl who want in on the act.

Sweet Success: Bronx Guild High School’s Urban Farm
by Guest Author over 4 years ago
Weekly News Roundup: White House Champions of Change and More!
by Anne Goddard over 4 years ago

WWF Conservation


The World Wildlife Foundation, with the help of their panda mascot, has been celebrated for their successful efforts to save wildlife. This blog proves that they're not close to being done.

Move by Norway sovereign wealth fund to invest in renewables could have 'global impact'
over 4 years ago
EU reps speak out about Soco's Virunga exploration
over 4 years ago

Living with Lions


It's true that the lion is the king of the jungle. But this blog reminds readers that without a jungle, lions have no place to rule.



This blog provides energetic and punchy conservation news. It provides an international focus to the move to boost biodiversity.

Disadvantages of marine protected areas
by CJAB over 2 years ago
by CJAB over 2 years ago



The islands of the world frequently work as havens to the richest but most fragile ecosystems. Learn about island environmentalism here.

Save Our Wildlife


This blog likes to use its acronym to boost wildlife conservation efforts. SOW, or sow, often means to distribute, and the blog does just that for animal news and info.

Forest Protection Blog


As we have previously found out there is no stopping this brilliant ecology scientist when he gets his claws into a subject. In his Forest Protection Blog you will find it is engulfed with news narratives in regard to not only our forests but other delicate ecosystems.



This blog is dedicated to animal and habitat preservation in the Northwest of America. Beavers and prairie dogs get their conservation due here.

Monitoring small mammals on I-90
by Hailey Starr over 4 years ago
First tracks of I-90 success this season
by Jen Watkins over 4 years ago