Memoirs of a Heroinhead


Read this blog with caution. Memoirs of a Heroinhead is struggling to recover from a lifelong addiction to hardcore drugs like heroine and often has relapses. His art is definitely worth checking out!

The Dirty Works of Shane Levene
by Memoirs of a Heroinhead over 2 years ago
Down on the Low
by Shane Levene over 2 years ago

Confessions of a Co-Dependent


Co-dependency is an issue that stems from addiction. Instead of getting bogged down, however, this blogger took that adversity and channeled into a career as a recovery coach!

Alcohol & Drug Rehab for Adult & Adolescent


Right Step offers affordable residential and outpatient treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, for adults and adolescents. Our mission is to help those we serve live life sober by valuing each individual and utilizing the best practices in addiction treatment.

Right Step Launches Groundbreaking ‘Positive Recovery University’
by Right Step over 4 years ago
Severe Nasal Damage Can Come From Snorting Heroin
by Right Step over 4 years ago

Adventure-based Addiction Treatment Center for Young Men


San Cristobal is an adventure-based treatment center specialized in drugs and alcohol addictions for males between the ages of 18 and 26 who have proved resistant to other treatment approaches.

Cope or Mope


Cope or Mope - your choices when battling addiction. My story about coping (or moping) about mental health and drug addiction.

Which Prescription Drugs Do Americans Abuse Most?
by Jennifer over 4 years ago

Addiction, Bipolar, God & Me


I am in the middle of a cocaine addicition that is suffocating and controlling my life. My blog is about the journey I am on, the mistakes I am making and lessons I am learning along the way. I am also Bipolar and I talk honestly and openly about this disorder and how it affects my life. A year ago when I hit rock bottom, I found God and since then he too has become a part of my life and this too is one of the many areas I touch upon. This is a real honest account of a life marked by the pain of living and will hopefully be my legacy of the way I made it out of the darkness and found the light. I hope it offers some help for people who also find themselves battling within this arena of pain and confusion.

Christian Rehab Center in Florida


Recovery Associates’ Christian program is comprised of professional and compassionate staff with years of experience. However, in addition to the support and guidance of licensed Christian therapists and certified addictions counsellors, there is the added benefit of a faith and prayer based approach to overcoming your struggle with addiction.

The Privileged Addict


The Privileged Addict blog is a forum about spiritual growth and action, addiction and recovery, and Twelve Step principles. The wisdom of the Twelve Step process is the same wisdom contained within the core of any religious or spiritual tradition throughout time. These are universal principles and actions that can promote change, growth and healing in anyone, regardless of what ails you.

Saint Jude's Addiction Blog


Saint Judes Addiction Blog presents information to those in need to overcome drugs and alcohol in a complete different way. Addiction is Not a Disease!