Diet, Dessert, and Dogs


Yes, dogs truly are included as a major theme. The blogger has triplet passions, and they're all covered in this popular resource for the gluten-free community.

Thai Quinoa Balls (or Bites) with Optional Peanut-Free Dipping Sauce
by Ricki Heller about 2 years ago
Is Chocolate Bad for You?
by Ricki Heller about 2 years ago

Fanny's Clicker Dog Blog


One of the most important and praised developments in modern canine training was the introduction of the wildly simple device, the clicker. The use of the petite tool ushered in a new wave of progressive and positive canine instruction, a type of training that many owners are still unfamiliar with. Allow Fanny to school you on the art of clicker work with her friendly primer of a training blog. She shows how clickers can be applied to myriad circumstances with remarkable results.

Three more days
by Fanny Gott about 4 years ago
NEW! Advanced Obedience Skills
by Fanny Gott about 4 years ago

Dog Show Poop


Still sadly undergoing a phase of ridicule and lack of respect, dog shows are frequently derided as meaningless pageants. A closer look at conformation -- the formal title for the activity -- reveals that complex and sophisticated training is required, and praised, in these dogs. Dog Show Poop takes you to the heart of the ring and provides portraits of the top-winning dogs in the country. It's endearing enough to make haters take a second look at it all.

by Billy Wheeler over 2 years ago
by Billy Wheeler over 2 years ago

Natural Dog Blog


This blog argues that the best brand of canine training is inobtrusive and all-natural. Bring more tenderness to your dog's instruction with this site.

Dog Training – It’s All About the Relationship
by Neil about 3 years ago
It’s All About the Relationship
by Neil about 3 years ago

The Dog Training Secret


This obedience blog focuses on revealing key tips and ideas that will give your dog that extra attentive flair. Novice owners would be wise to read this often.

Train the Dog You Have; Not the Dog You Want
by Minette about 2 years ago
The 2 Main Things that are Ruining Your Potty Training
by Minette about 2 years ago

Training Dogs


There's a lot more to training dogs well than shouting commands and expecting obedience. Learn sophistication to your technique with this page's advice.

I’m closing my email newsletter
by Rosana Hart over 4 years ago
I Lost Some Recent Articles When I Moved the Site… They May Be Back!
by Rosana Hart over 4 years ago

K-9 Solutions


This blog's writer takes a respectful jab at the Dog Whisperer; she doesn't whisper but rather meets canines at their level. Those who want authenticity in their training, look no further.

Saying goodbye
by Marie almost 4 years ago

Susan Garrett


Agility training is one of the most popular yet highest-level forms of dog training around. Blogger Susan lets you in on the source of all the hype.

Junior Handling Reporting on Puppy Peaks Training Month 5
by Susan about 4 years ago
How Are On Line Classes Like An iPhone?
by Susan about 4 years ago

The Dog Blog


Steve is a canine professional who knows how to bridge the gap between human prattle and dogspeak. Let him teach you how to translate your demands with class.

Diva Dog Training


Many owners believe that obedience issues lie with the dog. This blog gently informs them that the problem, in fact, likely lies in their own errors and faults.

Rescue Sweet Rescue
by cholive7 about 4 years ago
Yorkie Nanny
by cholive7 about 4 years ago

Pointing Gun Dogs


Brittanys, pointers, and setters are some of the most able hunting dogs around. This blog helps you learn how to fine-tune their game-locating instincts.

Puppy in Training


Baby dogs are just like baby people -- they need tender and considerate instruction in order to reach their potential. Learn how to raise a beautiful behaved companion here.

What Is Your Dog’s Superpower?
by Colby about 2 years ago
Should My Dog Be In My Wedding?
by Colby about 2 years ago

Dog Star Daily


Even prima donna poodles needed to be wrangled in now and then. This blog teaches you how to let your celebrity chow chow shine and act polite at the same time.

Dog Training Classroom


Just as you had a formal place where you could learn effectively, your dog deserves an environment of equal warmth to learn best. This blog helps you make that space.

Follow Me Dog Training


This site opens up with shots of happy, smiling, and inquisitive canines -- model dogs for us all to be owned by. Learn how to bring out the sunniness in your Fido here.

Administrative Professionals Day 2014
by Renee Lamoureux about 4 years ago
Thanks Annie!
by Renee Lamoureux about 4 years ago

Watch and Train


On this blog, dog owner post their most burning questions on training queries and experts respond to them. Crate training and winter seasonal concerns are new topics.

Dog Training Site


The generic title for this page belies a specific and concentrated focus on great dog training. There is an emphasis here on correctly training and socializing puppies.

Parade of Dog Breeds + Free $500 Dog giftcard
by admin over 4 years ago
Dog Breeds 0001
by admin over 4 years ago

Dog Spelled Forward


The writer for this blog understands that dogs, just like people, can arrive with baggage. The positive and cheery tone here conveys that reform and happiness are possible.

Is Your Toolbox Balanced?
by Eric Goebelbecker over 4 years ago
What Can Mayor Bloomberg Teach You About Dog Training?
by Eric Goebelbecker over 4 years ago

Obedience Training


Instruct yourself on how to instruct your dog better on this site. The site caters to those experiencing issues with housebreaking.

Unleashed Unlimited


This blog incorporates piquant videos and concise posts to help you efficiently learn useful training techniques. It also teaches you how to maintain your dog's joy.

Cruise Control vs Autopilot
by Paul almost 4 years ago
Photo Contest Voting is Live!
by Paul almost 4 years ago

Natural Dog Training Blog


This blog reminds you that there's no need for artificiality or electricity in the dog training process. The primary ingredients of importance are patience and ease.

Impulse Control and Body Language
by Kevin Behan over 3 years ago
More on Jealousy and Dogs
by Kevin Behan over 3 years ago

Pet Expertise


Pet Expertise focuses on positive dog training. People who have been jaded by other methods will find a reason to rejoice here.